8MAY21 - 18:00Z - Fun in France @ LFPG

Thanks you!

Bump there are lots of gates lett! Grab some and have some

Fun in France!

Can I get this gate as an Air France cargo 77F to DC? (I’d like to fly there with @MJP_27 if I can lol)

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New Signup!

@Texan enjoy your flight to Washington!

You will be signed up to a cargo gate

May I have this

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New Signup!

@Half-Aviation enjoy your flight to Chicago!

I am so happy to announce that @Collins4486 will be our controller at LFPG on May 8!

There is still a lot of gates available! Come on lets fill up LFPG!


It’s almost time!

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Could I take this flight please ?

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I want to fly with this :)

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New Signups!

@if.globall enjoy your flight to Singapore!

@FairuzTh enjoy your flight to London Heathrow!

Also the group PM to coordinate the event is going out now! Please keep chatter on the thread to a minimum, see you all there!

I’ll take this one please, callsign ST-ARZ :)

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New Signup!

@deimosxa enjoy your flight to Istanbul!

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Can I have this gate please

Ill take this gate since it will count towards my VA

Hi, May I change for Mexico city ? Still as Air France. 😅