8JAN21/2300Z-The Worldwide Heathrow Flyout! @ EGLL

The Worldwide Heathrow Flyout!

Info about Heathrow

London Heathrow (EGLL) is the main airport for London, the capital of England. It is considered as one of the busiest airports in the world, with a plane taking off or landing around every minute. It was opened in 1946 and broke the record of the most amount of passenger traffic in 2019, with more than 80 million people.

Event Details:

Short Haul Gates
Gate Destination Flight Time Aircraft Pilot
558 Dublin 1h 20 British Airways A320 @United.sandwitch
557 Amsterdam 45 mins KLM 737-800
556 Frankfurt 1h 30 Lufthansa A320 @MichaelMetaxas
555 Berlin 2 h Air Berlin 737-700
554 Oslo 2h 10 British Airways A321
553 Edinburgh 1h 20 British Airways CRJ 700 @bbrockairbus
552 Madrid 2h 30 Iberia A321
551 Paris 1h 20 Air France A320
561 Brussels 1h 10 Brussels Airlines A319
562 Zurich 1h 45 Swiss MD11
Medium Haul Gates
Gate Destination Flight Time Aircraft Pilot
531 Moscow 4h Aeroflot 737-900 @SWA1997
532 Dubai 7h Emirates A380 @CaptainAzriq
533 Abu Dhabi 7h Etihad A380
534 Amman 5h Royal Jordanian 787-8
535 Tehran 6h Iran Air 747-200
536 Astana 7h 45 British Airways 757-200
537 Cairo 4h 45 Egypt Air A330
538 Tenerife 4h 30 British Airways 757-200
539 Baghdad 6h DHL 777F
Long Haul Gates
Gate Destination Flight Time Aircraft Pilot
401 New York 8h United 77W
402 Philadelphia 8h 15 United 77W
403 Dallas 10h 30 AA 787-9 @Aviation2929
405 Shanghai 10h British Airways 77W @Infiniteflight2
406 Tokyo 11h Japan Airlines 772
407 Singapore 13h Singapore Airlines A350
408 Manila 13h Philippine Airlines 77W
409 Darwin 14h 25min British Airways A380
410 Sydney 20h Qantas A380
411 Perth 17h Qantas 787-9
412 Bangalore 10h Air India 77LR
241 Los Angeles 11h United Airlines 787-9
242 San Francisco 11h American Airlines 77W
243 Chicago 9h Delta 747 400
244 Miami 10h American Airlines 787-9
246 Vancouver 9h 30 Air Canada 787-9
247 Toronto 8h Air Canada 77W
248 Beijing 10h 15 British Airways 77W @Fung_Sum-sum
249 Denver 9h 15 British Airways 772
424 Kuala Lumpur 12h 15 British Airways 77W
                 Things To Remember!

Spawn in 10-15 mins prior departure
Flight times are estimated
You make your own flight plan (I recommend using Flight Plan Database)
I’m not responsible for any violations you receive
If ATC is present, please follow all instructions
If ATC is not present, please use UNICOM correctly

        See you There!

May I take British Airways B77W to Beijing?

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Sure, thanks for attending!

May I take British Airways B757-200 to Tenerife ?

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Done, thanks for attending

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Thank you very much. Looking forward to it

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Can you add Kuala Lumpur route using BA 77W.Any gate.Speedbird 9889 Heavy.

K I’ll add it and sign you up for it

Done, thanks for joining

@Infiniteflight2 the flight to Tenerife will it be the north airport (GCXO) or the south airport (GCTS) ?

Hello! Can I have the flight to Dublin the BA A320?

It will be the north airport

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Done, see you there!

Can I get this gate but as a 737-800 the Aeroflot livery
I will fly this route for AFLV

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What livery?

Ill take this please but in an AA 789

@SWA1997 and @Aviation2929 you’re both signed up, see you there!

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@SWA1997 I think you mean 737-900 Aeroflot since there is no Aeroflot 737-800, only 900

Yeah the 900 thx my bad

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This one please. 😀