8AUG21 / 1700Z - The Western Jump @KBUR - KMFR

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The Western Jump


Join us for a flight from our hub of Burbank up to Medford Oregon!

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Aircraft: 737-800
Livery: Generic
Flight Time: 1hr 30min

KBUR Charts

Airport Diagram

KMFR Charts

Airport Diagram

KBUR Gates


Please follow ATC instruction or use UNICOM when flying
We are not responsible for any violations received during this event


  • Must be able to use Discord for VA communications.
  • Must be Grade 3 and have access to the expert server.
  • Must be able to fly at least one flight every month.
  • Must be able to pass the practical and written test.
  • Must be in good standing on the IFC and the IFVARB.

After applying you will be contacted within 48 hours, and upon being accepted you will have a practical exam and a written exam.


Avelo Air Virtual is a virtual airline for the flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no affiliation with Avelo Airlines. All Avelo Airlines trademarks referenced or shown on this website are the property of Avelo Airlines.


of course this is on the one day i can’t attend it!

it’s even an event to my hometown!

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Same here!

Would like to request gate B1 please, thank you!

You’ve been added! Thanks for joining.


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Would like to ask gate B2 please, Thank you

I´ll like to request gate B3 please

May i have gate B3 please ? Thanks.

@Benito007 you have been added!


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this please

@cedegonza you’ve been added to B3.


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@AnelForicNL B3 is taken, I’ll put you in B4.


@Captain_Young you’ve been added!


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Thank you a lot

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I’ll take Gate B5 thank you

@Aiden_Hodges I’ll add you to B5 now!

I would love a gate for the event please! Very excited awesome to showcase our KBUR!

N214XT-Jack W

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A3 Please! :D

Okay no problem thank you.

Have a great day


@Its_Zee @WheelerAviation I’ve added both of you! Thanks for signing up!