8AUG20 / 2200Z - Memory lane flyout @ LEBL

@DanVenezuela might as well fly with you, since no one wants to signup

Unless that changes

There are a lot of events for that date so I really hope that you get more people

Can I have a Singapore A380 over to Singapore Changi? Thank you- preferably Terminal 1

:0 first signup in ages! Sure buddy, will put it up there if you want this route

@DanVenezuela thanks mate.

Thank you 😊

When will I be told my gate? Thanks

ASAP. I am doing a flight Rn so I will do it right after

Can I have the remote 1 gate to Hong Kong, Cathay A350?

Yes please! Your in @Ethan_Lee1

I can’t get a remote gate, so I will put you in a normal gate

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Hi, sorry to say but I don’t think I will be able to come on this fly out as I have another commitment now

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I’ll take T1, Gate 264, but can I go to Stavanger (ENZV) in the Norweigan 737-800? Thanks.

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@CptAdam see if you can come now as I had made a title stuff up

Sure @Pingu

You may modify the route and airplane as long as it fits in with the type of route and plane I.e 737 for domestic and changed to Malaga. This can now be done

The time now will suit me and hopefully some others.

Appologies for the many edits. I have been all over the place and have just gotten the chance to get it up to date. It should now list the correct date and time

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Can you make the event later as in my time zone it is 6 AM? Maybe 2-4 hours later?

I’m sorry mate, as this i s 8:00am my time on one of the 2 days I have free.

I could try a 2 wave system, but that would have to be in my next event :(

then I will just wake up early

I can’t come as my sleep schedule is screwed and can’t wake up that soon. Sorry

Hold up

Where do you live @Ethan_Lee1?

Hong Kong, 2 hours after you


So, that means that is 10:00am HK time, right?

If so, then you can wake up at some point like maybe 9:30am, get the simbrief up and running, if it wants to work, and then we spawn in 15 before Push and start.

As for the taxi routes, they will be announced later on

@Ethan_Lee1 Okay, so if you want, you can spawn in slightly later, but a thing is, you may be slightly behind, but I can make exceptions

its 6 am, not 10 am

I am behind,not ahead