8AUG20 / 1900Z - The First North Korean Flyout! @ ZKPY

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Hello and Welcome!

Today I bring the very first Pyongyang flyout! I wish for you to join me and others in this event and I hope to see you there :)

The DPRK was formed as a result of the Second World War, the border was formed across the 38th peninsula until the 25th June 1950 when Soviet Forces crossed forced border sparking the Korean war. The claimed land went back and forth for 3 years until the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27th. The two countries have never signed a peace declaration.


Full List Of Charts


Aircraft and Destination are your Choice it does not need to be a real route

Gate Size Aircraft Destination User
Hanger W 01 F
Hanger W 02 F
Hanger NW 01 F
Apron W 31 E A330 ZBAA @LegendaryRoro88
Apron W 32 E
Apron W 33 E
Apron W 34 D
Apron W 35 D
Apron W 36 D
Apron W 37 D
Apron E 25 D B737BBJ EGPF @tominski
Apron E 24 D TBM 930 ZKWS @Alexian61
Apron E 23 D B739 RKSI @Aravind_Narayanan
Apron E 22 D
Apron E 21 D B737 ZSWH @Captain-787
Gate 05 D A318 N/A @anon79353067
Gate 04 D 737 ZBAA @CaptainZac
Gate 03 D B737 ZBAA @Austrian001
Gate 02 D B737 ZBAA @anon79257371
Gate 01 D A319 ZBAA @SkyLineHeavy
Apron E 11 D
Apron E 12 D
Apron E 13 D
Apron E 14 D
Apron E 15 D


Server: Expert

Airport: ZKPY (Pyongyang Sunan Intl Airport)

Time: 1900z 2020-08-08T19:00:00Z

  • No ATC is confirmed yet
  • Make sure your aircraft fits your gate


This event is sponsored by Korean Virtual Airlines!

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Have Fun Stay Safe, Hope to see you there!

Can I have gate 2 to Beijing Capital in an Air China 737-700?

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Can i have a 737 Air China to ZBAA?

Can I have any gate in a TBM to ZKWS?

All signed up!

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Interesting event! I’ll take any gate in an Air China A319 to Beijing Capital.

Thank you for signing up! I’ve put you next to all the other pilots flying to Beijing :)

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Plenty of gates left!

This will be cool, though I signed up to a lot of events so I’ll at least consider coming ;)

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Hey yall,
Korean virtual is supper excited to be sponsoring this event!!! thank you @tominski for making this wonderful event!!! And dont forget to sign up :) see you in the skies:
Korean Virtual CEO

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20 Gates left make sure you sign up before it’s gone!

Can I have a 737 air China to ZBAA here please

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I will be a passenger gate, red A318 air koryo to unknown destination

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Can I take any gate suitable for an Air China A330 and my destination is ZBAA.

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@CaptainZac @anon79353067 @LegendaryRoro88
All Added!

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I’ll take an Air China 737 to Beijing since that’s the only realistic flight we can do in IF from North Korea, thanks!



is it on Aug 2nd or Aug 8?

Let me fly an unity flight to Incheon (RKSI) in south. Ill confirm the livery later

oh I cannot do this time, can we change the time

Thank you for pointing that out. What aircraft will you be flying so I can get a gate that fits?

how do people event get to know where you can fly out of NK? lol