8AUG20 / 1400Z - Visiting the Land of the Brave @FYWH


Being the geological center of Namibia and having the biggest population, Windhoek is the biggest city in Namibia with a population of 418,000. In 1884 the German’s took control and after WW1 the South African’s took control and helped in the development of Windhoek. After gaining independence from South Africa, Windhoek became the capital of Namibia.

Hosea Kutako International Airport


Being the biggest airport in Namibia, Hosea Kutako International Airport handles around 800,000 people a year. With flights mainly to Africa the majority of people going are from Africa. But there are some from Qatar and Germany. A lot of surfers also come through Hosea Kutako International Airport to get to a surf break in Namibia called Skeleton Bay

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Gate Pilot Destination Airline Plane Flight Time
Terminal Gate 1 Open Frankfurt Lufthansa a330-300 10:25
Terminal Gate 2 Open Doha Qatar 777-300er 9:15
Gate 3 @Charlieab29 Cape Town South African 737-800 2:05
Gate 4 @Pingu Johannesburg South African 737-800 1:45
Gate 5 Open Walvis Bay Generic a319-200 0:38
Gate 6 Open Gaborone Generic a319-200 1:30
Terminal Apron 1 Open Lubango TAAG Angolan Airlines 737-700 1:30
Terminal Apron 2 Open Luanda TAAG Angolan Airlines 737-700 2:30
Terminal Apron 3 @GameBoy_KIRB Victoria Falls Generic a319-200 1:35
Terminal Apron 4 Open Harare Generic a319-200 2:05

For routes either use fpltoif or flight aware


Hey man, nice flyout. A little too late for me, so I won’t be able to attend, but hope the event goes well :)

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can i take this one

Yep I’ll put you down

I like to see the diversity in events. I’ll take this one:

Gate Pilot Destination Airline Plane Flight Time
Gate 4 Open Johannesburg South African 737-800 1:45

Thanks! :)

Yep I’ll get you signed up

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Gate to Walvis Bay please, thanks!

Awesome to see some more flyouts in Africa, looks great! I’ll take a Comair 737 to Johannesburg please! Thanks :)

@Igor_M @Charlieab29 I’ll get you two down

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