8AUG20 / 1400Z Plane And Pilot Patterns: Patterns By the Mountain @LICJ

Hi all! This weekend we will be traveling to the island of Sicily, more specifically the town of Palermo. We will be taking the A321 out for a spin. This will be in the beautiful Alitalia livery. I hope you can make it this week!

Server: Expert

Aircraft: A321

Airport: LICJ

Date / Time: 2020-08-08T14:00:00Z

Notam: Keep at least 4 nm spacing in between each other. Follow all ATC Instructions or you could be ghosted.

Gate 207: @Sashaz55
Gate 208: @MJP_27
Gate 209: @Murilo_Heindrich
Gate 210: @Chicago_Aviator
Gate 215: @ThomasThePro
Remote 301: @Sharan.Somayaji
Remote 302:
Remote 303:
Remote 304:
Remote 305:
Remote 306:

Standby Gates:
Remote 310: @IF787
Remote 311:

ATC: Because this event is coordinated with this week’s IFATC schedule, expert controllers are allowed to control at it!

1400-1500Z: @PlaneCrazy

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

Event Credits

Coordinator: @Sashaz55

ATC coordinator: @Sashaz55

Original Idea: @Cbro4

P&P Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Sashaz55, @Airbus_737, @Luke_Sta

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


I want gate please! 😃😃

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I’ll certainly take a gate!

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Awesome news you guys! I’ll sign you up right now!

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I will take a standby gate please

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I’ll take a gate. Also I’ll be reserve ATC if you want;)

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Can I also get a gate please?

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I’ll sign you three up!

@ThomasThePro I have someone, thanks though!


More gates are available, let’s fill them up!

I’ll take a standby gate please! (In case I miss my alarm lol)

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Awesome! I’ll sign you up now/

Gates still available and event starts tomorrow! Sign up while you can!

Event is tomorrow morning, get gates while still available!

I just realized this is the same day as another event, and I can’t fly all day (things to do), so sorry, but I can’t come…

Sorry to hear that, hope you can attend next week!

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Ummm has everyone else taken off??

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You and I will be the only pilots for the time being (spawning in in a sec).

If anyone else wants to join at any time, feel free to take an empty gate and fly with us!

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Ahh okiee!

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