83rd Air SoCal Patrol @KLAX - 262000ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Air force Aircraft
  • Route:
    Depart LAX on a 200 mile patrol
  • Time of Departure:

1200 hours Pacific

  • Server:
    Training Server

  • Additional Information:
    Would like at least a group of 3.

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Fixed the title for you. Please read @Delta319’s linked post for the future


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I’m down. Which aircraft will you be using?

Aircraft of your choosing

Flying in on the Globemaster, but I’ll switch to F22 when I get in.

Just passing GALXY waypoint now

East remote stand LAX I will be 96th air PATROL. Im there now

I see ya. There’s also an Air Force DC-10 in right downwind, hopefully coming to play.

Roger no worries many

Ill wait for DC 10

It just passed!

Making flight plans for San at 18000 and 45a speed

Gotcha. Trying to keep up here lol

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