80 years old Ju52 at our local airfield

Last year a 80 years old Junkers Ju52 visited my local airfield

Cruising over the airfield

On final

Right before touchdown

Hope you enjoyed the pictures


Those are some very cool pics!


Those pics are awesome! I have never seen one before


I flew in this machine 4 years ago and it was amazing

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Sad that the Ju52 isn’t allowed to carry passengers anymore

Then why are there people in the back?

Nice to still see some in action I saw one at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

I’ve always liked this aircraft. The skin of the wings and fuselage makes me wonder how the drag coefficient is affected 🤔

Mannequins, perhaps? 🤡

Might be old but it still looks amazing.

Wow, what a great and rare occasion and what a brilliant shots! 👏🏼

As it happens, last night I was watching an old movie, ‘Where eagles dare’, and there I saw the same type aircraft.

I took the pictures last year in July. A few months before it lost the license to carry passengers. It’s the first official flight after the accident of another Ju52. They found corrosion’s in the wreck and after the visit of this plane at my airfield they found corrosion’s on the working planes. At July 2018 only 7 Ju52 were still flying


It was one of the main transport planes from the Germans in WWII

I actually had the chance to almost fly in one of these but I didn’t have enough money to buy a ride

Well now it’s to late :(

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Lucky. I was there in may and the aviation part was closed so it was just space stuff.

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There are many of them in museums

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The JU-52 is one my favorites of it’s era

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