$80 review from the training server point of view but of course please close the topic

Before I post this on YouTube I will like to get some opinions I paid $80 the same way anybody else did why do I have limited resources why can’t I enjoy the game just the same way anyone does sky’s-the-limit limit right if you paid your money… but of course please close the topic

You have limited resources compared to others, how?


Thanks for even responding compared to i f a t c which I don’t have a problem with I love what they do don’t get me wrong but if they have two towers on their frequencies I should be able to have the same because I paid the same $80… a test shouldn’t determine what $80 is more important than others is the same currency

urm…doesnt quite work like that…we all have the same amount of resources ?..and reason why there’s 2 towers open is due to heavy traffic…

We get heavy traffic on the training server too

All I’m saying is I want the same frequencies for the same currency

But many controllers don’t know what there doing…

Those people worked hard and earned the right to open 2 towers if needed

Heres the plan. Join IFATC. !

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Because of my demeanor which was already in another post I will never be if ATC and I’m not trying to be I want the same frequencies the same abilities on a training server to better ourselves when we come with you the expert search for the same $80 thank you

Make a request for exactly what you want in features and let the community vote.


Also another reason why IFATC on the Expert Server have access to multiple frequencies is because we have means to communicate with the other controller/s so we can control an organised and efficient airspace.

Most controllers on the Training Server don’t have the ability to communicate with other controllers on the Training Server, therefore is the main reason that TS doesn’t have dual frequencies as it would be unorganised.

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6 they will never vote for that it will take some power away from the gods correction the gods that people paid the same money that took a little test

Just publish you’re youtube video!

No need for all this and as already said… go ahead and make a #features request


Remember, for you it might be a hobby, while for IF this is their product they sell to earn money.

The sale point behind expert is a good flying environment, therefore is there strict rules behind controlling there

Sorry I used the wrong user