8 years ago today: LOT Flight 16

November 1, 2011 saw one of Poland’s most significant aviation events: LOT flight 16.

That was 8 years ago. Even to this day, Captain Tadeusz Wrona is still hailed for his heroic actions in potentially saving hundreds of lives.

Youtube reenactment of the accident by X Pilot

SP-LPC, the aircraft involved, on short final at EPWA . source


Two totally different incidents caused by different failures.


ok maybe not exactly the same

ok maybe not the same nevermind

Is this the incident that involved the landing gear that ended up being a tripped circuit breaker…?


Not really a tripped circuit breaker, I think it was something to do with hydraulic line C leaking after departure from KJFK

and I believe hydraulic line c is the line that controls landing gear and other things


yep that was it… bad circut breaker plus a bad hydro line just screamed a disaster waiting to happen.


Oh ok well that too then

forgotten all about this crash lol


The hydraulic system failed but the breaker for the electric back up was tripped and only worked after the aircraft was lifted off the ground…! still a good landing…


Yup very good skilled landing!!!

i remember watching some polish guy exiting the plane and recording it

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forgot to share this, but if you want to hear a passenger account of the accident, skip to 21:40.

@TransportForLife This where you found the footage of someone recording as they ran from the plane?

Yep, copyrighted and blocked video is where I found it!

but yeah the link kinda useless now 😂

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Air Crash Investigation TV episode is where I first viewed the flight, then read a few web articles on it including Wikipedia…

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Wow, time passes really quickly.

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