"8" Missing

Operating system:

Just found this bug when at FL380 the 8 is missing on the pannel

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What aircraft is that?

It’s the 737 800

Unable to reproduce by simply inserting FL380. Could you give more details as to what you did on this flight? Or perhaps it was a one-off event?

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I’m flying at the moment just tried it again the 8 is still missing for some odd reason when I land I’ll respawn and see will it fix itself

What we would need to confirm is if this is reproduced between dusk and dawn. The OPs screenshot is during the night hours and yours is during daylight.

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It’s actually all the 8 s on the air speed to.

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It’s during the day to

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Likely a glitch on your device. An app restart or cache clearing should do the trick.

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Alright when I land I’ll do all that and hopefully it fixes itself.

Are you under flight resume conditions? If so, try an app restart now.

That clears scenery and terrain cache not aircraft textures.

I never said scenery cache. I thought the whole app’s cache was implied on what I said.

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Unable to reproduce. Recommend providing more details next time too. Device, Operating System, graphics settings, and other details are very important for us to track down these things.

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It’s a iPhone 8plus
It’s the latest version of IF
Graphics are all high
Never had any problems with the iPhone 8

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Presuming they have Android, a app reinstall is necessary to clear the cache on iOS

This is a known issue to do with corrupt font cache.
It’s still being investigated. The issue isn’t very consistent and is usually gone the next flight or after an app relaunch.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


I’ve linked this topic to the internal one about this issue.