8 hours in a cessna 172

An eight hour long flight from Lelystad airport in the Netherlands to Ibiza. Lelystad airport is a general aviation airport in the Netherlands. The livery that I’ve used was the F-HATZ livery. Our cruise speed was 105kts and our altitude was 9000 feet and later into the flight We’ve climbed to 11000 feet. We arrived at Ibiza with an almost empty fuel tank.

Information about this flight;

Server: expert server
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Livery: F-HATZ
Callsign: PH-LEF
Altitude: 9000ft - 11000ft
Speed: 105kts
Flight time: 8 hours and 12 minutes



Flying above EHEH with 3D buildings.

Somewhere above the south of France.

Flying above the Pyrenees.



Above Ibiza City.


Arrived at the apron.

What do you think about these pictures?


Very nice flight but being in a Cessna for 8 hours OOFFF

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Wonderful pictures!

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8 hours in a Cessna… that is very long. Not like you could sleep either (maybe you can, I don’t know)
Awesome pictures as well! I liked number 1

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Quite long indeed!

Thank you!