8 hour flight from LAX to LAX after passenger mix up

All Nippon Airways flight 175 has spent 8 hours flying to where they started from after a passenger with a United Airlines ticket was somehow allowed to board the Japan-bound flight. The flight from Los Angeles International to Tokyo Narita operated by a B777-300ER aircraft turned around 4 hours into its 11-hour journey over the Pacific accumulating 8 hours of wasted time to get absolutely nowhere. To aircraft turned around due to “security procedures”. After arriving back to Los Angeles the passenger disembarked and how he was allowed to the aircraft in the first place. The passenger was reportedly going to Japan with his brother. The brother was flying with ANA, this bloke was going with United. Probably a mix up going to Model Chrissy Teigen was onboard saying this about the whole ordeal

They keep saying the person had a United ticket. We are on ANA. So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) December 27, 2017

ANA said, “We take great pride providing exemplary customer service, and on this flight, we failed to do so.”
The flight landed in Los Angeles at just after 7:30 pm on Boxing Day and departed this time for real at 3:22 am the following morning and landing safely in Japan at 7:07 am local. The aircraft experienced a delay of over 15 hours.

ANA B777-300ER at LAX photo credit


Funny mix up actually… saw this on the news about 20 minutes ago.


That one passenger could have compromised the safety of the of the hundreds on board. Wise decision by ANA, however I think they could have diverted somewhere closer like SEA rather then going all the way back to LAX.

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Same Ed…

Also, wow, a 14 hour flight just to go to lax from lax 😂


He cleared customs though and I hear it’s pretty strict over in the U.S and he was going to Japan with United, probably an innocent mistake, I get your point though, they probably made the right choice

Eh if he manages to get on the plane let him go to Japan, a reward for tricking the system

Imagine if they didn’t say anything and everyone got off thinking they were in Japan.


I read the full post guy! I was making a stupid joke. I’m not that funny I guess.

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Lol that’s hilarious and concerning…what exactly are boarding passes for?

It’s actually possible, since let’s say if someone slept through the announcement; didn’t pay attention to the map and was exiting the plane thinking they arrived in Tokyo lol

Then when they see everything is in English… moment of confusion…


Either way couldnt he have stayed on got off at japan and just meet up with his brother in the terminal or something? Whats even funnier is how he got in a seat that wasnt booked by someone else😂

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That sounds expensive…


yep that was my first thought on the matter…

Aircraft and crew not posiiotned correctly, 8hrs of fuel,additonal landing fees, compensation to the other passengers,additonal hotel,catering costs etc…

I’m not sure how he would be considered a safety risk…seems some communication with HQ and United could have cleared up the issue. They had already been in the air for 4 hours, why not divert to ANC or just continue to NRT…I don’t get how returning to LAX is any safer and it was definitely the most inconvenient choice for all involved. Likely following company policy to the letter when it really doesn’t make much sense in this case. I’d be more concerned about the United flight if he checked any luggage and it wasn’t pulled off.

Will be interesting if we do get to hear the final word on what happened…was it a simple mistake by the passenger or was it done intentionally so he could be on the same flight as his brother?


I thought the same thing… “man that flight was only 8 hours, thought it was supposed to be 11”… “wait, does that sign say welcome to LAX?!?”

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From what I’ve read continuing to Japan and dealing with their authorities would have been even more of a pain in the butt. Diverting to ANC would be ridiculous, if you go back to LAX there are plenty of options to get people where they need to go with codeshare partners if the flight cancels and of course being ridiculously delayed.

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