[8 ATTENDING MOVED TO SUNDAY!] St. Patricks Day Flyout! Fun at Shannon! @EINN 171810ZMAR19


Yes please


Thanks Ill try and be there


Hi can I take any gate please, Aer Lingus A320 to EGLL.


Ok! Added.


Thanks, just a quick one, would it be ok if I act realistically by operating flights out of Shannon and the return legs into Shannon?


Can I make a flight the delta flight to jfk if not I will take the Ryanair 737 800 flight to egss


You absolutely can!

@Sashaz55 I will add you for the Ryanair to Stansted


I have created my own event in Dublin too, so we will have more activity going on to celebrate St.Patrick. It is going to be great altogether. I wish the best for your first event. πŸ˜‰

Also, change your aircraft to the 777-2 for Omni Express. The 767 version is not included in Infinite Flight. Also, I am a fan of Omni Air since Shannon gains a lot of them every week. They fly right above my house in Tipperary.


GATE 28 Aer Lingus A320 EINN-EGLL


@Kuba_Jaroszczyk Good luck with your event! If you want to consider trying to connect them in some way send me a DM!


Event has been moved to expert! @GlobalFlyer1


I am still grade 2 but am very close to grade 3 and might make it by the time of the event so for now can you put me on standby I will tell you if I reach grade 3 thanks!


I will take the UA 752 gate to Newark!


I have reached grade three and am very excited πŸ˜† that I can come


I will come and fly with u I will be Ryanair Flying to Dublin and then to London Heathrow


@Ben_fox added!


Can’t join anymore :(

Sorry! Hope to see you at another event!


Sign up gate 30 for Aer Lingus 757 to New York. Will be representing BAVA


I have added you!
I hope to see you at one of my other events @GlobalFlyer1!


I can no-longer attend this :( (due to it being on sunday)