{8 attending ENDED}| FACT flyout | @FACT- 091830ZJUL19

Ok no problem

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30min till the event starts!

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I think I’ll replace the event to 1830Z
Because I’ve Some things to do at that time that comes in now…😔

I can’t make it at 1830Z,sorry!

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Ok, dont worry. I’ll remove you

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I got down graded due to a report next week I have an event on in eidw if anybody would like to join


Ok, I’ll remove you

Thanks seemed like a great event

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Thanks, I hope it Will be now too…

*making this comment to remember this event.

Please make a group chat to make it

  1. Not fill up the forums with this post
  2. Remember for others that this event is on.

Just a reminder to those, in 10 mins: @Christoff_Spies @Plane_geek_101 @Ecoops_123 (why am I tagging myself?) @Owain_G @IFliPlanes @N.J @Springbok777

I might be a little late up to 10 mins.

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I can’t come today, going out soon with family.

I’m already attending 😉

Okay. I’ll do that in the next event
Thanks for reminding by the way :)

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But I’m leaving a family house now going home. It’s a 10 min journey… I’ll 100% be there, but I may be up to 15 mins late.

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Okay, dont worry…
If the rest wont wait for you, I Will 😊

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I’m leaving now, so I wont be too late at all :) k just saw where I’m flying (I guessed a random flight) and it looks like it will have amazing scenery!

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Ok, see you there

@Plane_geek_101, are you attending?

Arriving now!!!