{8 attending ENDED}| FACT flyout | @FACT- 091830ZJUL19

Hello and welcome to my event, in this event we Will do FACT flyout.
FACT is one of the hubs of South African Airways (Express ), it has many destinations and a lot of Airlines operate from this airport.
As I’ve said, many Airlines operate from this airport and there are a lot of destinations. And I would like to see FACT seeing filled up as this airport isn’t the most busiest in IF


A04 Delta 777LR to KATL=
A05 KLM 777-300er to EHAM= @Christoff_Spies
A06 South African a340 to EGLL=
A07 Emirates a380 to OMDB=
A08 Lufthansa a380 to EDDF=
A09 British 787-9 to EGLL=
A10 Qatar a380 to OTHH=
A11 Airfrance 777 to LFPG=
A12 Mango 737-800 to FALE= @PlaneGeek
A13 British Comair 737-800 to FAPE= @Ecoops123
A14 United 777-200er to KEWR=
A15 South African Express 737-800 to FAOR= @Owain_G
A16 South African Express CRJ700 to FALE=
A17 South African Express CRJ200 to FAPE=

C01 Mango 737-800 to FAOR= @Infinite_Qantas
C02 British Comair 737-800 to FAEL=
C03 British Comair 737-800 to FAOR= @IFliPlanes
C04 Kulula 737-800 to FAOR= @NJ24
C05 South African a330-300 to FAOR= @Springbok777
C06 Ethiopian 777 to HAAB=
the rest of the Gates won’t be in use, unless there are more attendees than I expected😅


Server: Expert

Airport: FACT

Time: 1800Z 2019-07-09T18:30:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn 10 minutes before the event starts. Respect unicom if there is no ATC available. Respect each other. Have fun :)

Hope to see you guys there 😃


May I first suggest changing the picture as it’s very blurry and pixelated, also I will see if I’m able to attend

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Okay, I’ll look for you

Thanks mate

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Done, hope you like it

I’ll take gate C3 to FAOR please.

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It’s not bad but still a bit blurry and pixelated, but it will do.

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Added you, see you there😄🇿🇦

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Thank you.

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I will also take a gate to FAOR. Mango.

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I’ll take mango to Durban King Shaka

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Added you guys 😃see you there

Can I have another gate with Kulula to Johannesburg

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Sign me up please.
SAA A330 to FAOR. Callsign SAVATWO

Also, there are no direct routes for JFK from CPT. You might want to change that. United will be flying to CPT directly soon though but its not yet operated

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Okay, got it
I’ll switch it to United

I’ll take gate A10

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Added you, see you in FACT😃🇿🇦

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4 days till event

Etheopian 777 to Addis Ababa (HAAB)

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Added you, see you there 😃🇿🇦