(8 attending) Auckland Airport Flyout | @NZAA 231900ZJUN19

Auckland Airport Fly out


More About Auckland Airport

Auckland airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand and it serves over 21 million passengers a year this airport is also the hub for Air New Zealand,Jetstar Airways and the New Zealand hub for Virgin Australia.
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Event information

Airport: NZAA
Server: Expert
Time and date: 2019-06-23T19:00:00Z
▪ Please spawn in 10-15 before we start
▪ Respect UNICOM and other pilots
▪ More Info will be given out as we get closer to the event date
▪ I couldn’t get all the routes in as their is a limited amount of gates so just request a route if it’s not listed
▪ And just have fun!


Domestic Terminal
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination
20 Air New Zealand A320 NZQN @Sashaz55
21 Air New Zealnd A320 NZNS
22 Jetstar Airways A320 NZNR
28 Air New Zealand A320 NZWN @Matthew_20204
29 Jetstar Airways A320 NZCH
30 Jetstar Airways A320 NZDN
31 Jetstar Airways A320 NZWN
32 Air New Zealand A320 NZPM
33 Air New Zealand A320 NZGS
41 Air New Zealand A320 NZWN @NathanD
46 Air New Zealand A320 NZCH
47 Jetstar Airways A320 NZNR
48 Air New Zealand A320 NZQN
49 Jetstar Airways A320 NZWN
50 Jetstar Airways A320 NZNP
International Terminal
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination
01 Virgin Australia 737-800 YSSY
02 Singapore Airlines A330 WSSS
03 Air New Zealand 777-300ER VHHH
04 Air New Zealand 777-300ER KLAX @Plane-Train-TV
05 Qatar Airways 777-200LR OTHH
06 United 777-200ER KSFO
07 Emirates A380 OMDB
08 Qantas 737-800 YMML
09 Korean Air A330 RKSI
10 China Airlines A330 RCSS
15 Hawaiian 767-300 PHNL
16 Thai 787-8 VTBS @Altaria55
Remote 17 Air New Zealand 787-9 CYVR
Remote 18 Air New Zealand 787-9 PHNL @United_1154
Remote 19 China Southern 787-8 ZGGG
Remote 70 Virgin Australia 737-800 YBCG
Remote 71 Qantas 787-9 YBBN
Remote 72 Virgin Australia 737-800 YMML
Remote 73 Virgin Australia 737-800 YWLM
Remote 74 Fiji Airways 737-700 NFFN
Remote 75 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 NTAA
Remote 76 Air China 787-9 ZBAA
Remote 77 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER RPLL
Remote 78 American 787-9 KLAX @Adam_Goodman
Remote 79 LATAM 787-9 SCEL @JeromeJ
Remote 80 Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER WMKK
Remote 81 Air New Zealand 787-9 YPPH
Remote 82 Fiji Airways 737-700 NFNA
Remote 83 Air New Zealand 777-300ER KSFO

▪ All of the domestic aircrafts are A320 because their was no other aircraft to use so just wanted to point that out

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It doesn’t make a stop in Sydney. It makes a stop in Auckland from Sydney!

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I’ll take the gate to LAX, continuing on to LHR

Hi. May I take a New Zealand 787-9 to HNL? Thx

16 to VTBS, please.

@JeromeJ @Plane-Train-TV @United_1154 @Altaria55 you guys are signed up

I’d love to come but I can’t do Sundays. I can only do Fridays or saturdays

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Can I please have remote 78!!!

Sure thing!! See you there

I never requested a gate, I was just saying that it doesn’t make a stop in Sydney, Auckland is the stop. But I will keep the gate

Oh sorry😂 I misunderstood that 🤦‍♀️

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I changed it thanks for letting me know

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A few days to go and still A lot of gates open so make sure to sign up

Can I have gate 20

Sure thing I’ll sign you up

Could I have gate 41 to Wellington please

Your all signed up see you there

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Still a lot of time to sign up