8/7 questions

To bring this back into the conversation, when you are given a pattern entry, you are expected to fly the pattern yourself, and like mentioned above, with no prompts from the controller.


Bottom line is you were instructed to ensure the downwind which means you can turn base at anytime, unless tower extends your downwind, but in your case this didn’t happen so you are expected to turn base whenever you like, just don’t fly an 80 mile downwind 😂. Personally while I’m controlling if I see somebody flying downwind for too long I’ll give them “Turn base” to maintain efficiency, anyways back on to the topic of the conversation, I would suggest that you take a look at ATC manual, sorry that I didn’t attach the link Im too lazy

Simply put: You turn base when you want to unless tower tells you otherwise.


ok,i get it now


if you still have any doubt you can check the user guide here

Thx for all.

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