8/18 questions about a-10


What’s the use of this?

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im not sure but maybe Mach counter
as it says 100xknots I assume

This i dont know

I changed my question, I want to ask this

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well the mach counter is simple how fast your going
The reader, Idk

I believe it’s for the numbers after the 100, 200 etc.

So if your big dial is a bit above 100 and the small dial says 20. You’re airspeed is 120.

I might be the dumbest one here, while everyone’s explaining what it meant, with full on assumptions I’m gonna think you meant what it is

The use of that weird object is exactly that, a rotational 3D object containing all the numbers, a “disk” which will rotate sideways so that when you look at it from the front, you’re gonna see the numbers slide sideways.

I’m sorry if I get your question wrong, anyway, cheers!

Ok,but it will not move.

Aha, then it’s being planned to be able to move in the future. Hope we don’t need a feature request for that tho…

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