8-10 hour flights

Hi guys, do you know any good 8-10 hour flights that I can do?

Check the numerous aircraft databases scattered across the forum! 🙂

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I’d recommend using this website here: Infinite Flight FPL Converter

You will be able to set durations, departure or arrival airports you are looking at, and it will give you a random route.


Welcome to the IFC, you can use the search bar and look for some previous topics, or go and visit some route databases for long haul planes!

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If you don’t have time to look through the databases and would like something specific, then I would recommend Helsinki (EFHK) - Bangkok (VTBS), in the Finnair A350. The flight is approximately 9 hours and has pretty good scenery.

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Another great database is this one. It has some amazing routes.

@captain10 My favourite pick for 9hr flight is Newark to Athens (8 to 10 times you got awesome tailwinds) 😎


KMEM to LIMC is about a 10hr flight and there’s a awesome view while on approach to LIMC

Gatwick to St Lucia on the TUI 787-8/-9 is lovely About 9 hours.

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if your on the ES. you can fly EGLL-HKJK for tmr because HKJK is featured. nice 8:30-9:15 hour flight depending on winds

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EHAM-TNCM by KLM B747-400 you should know why this route is good

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Click Here to see Routes!

I’d recommend Kyiv → Zanzibar (UKBB-HTZA). It’s operated by SkyUp Airlines (PQ6971) which takes around 9 hours in a Boeing 737-800 / 737-900. Unfortunately, there is no livery for this aircraft in IF but it’s a great flight to do especially with its flight time!

Thanks @Igor_M for the suggestion.

Flightsfrom.com is a great website which can help you find flights easily.


@ stealing my route and not giving credit to me for finding it

jk thx 😃

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I would definitely recommend one of the brilliant Trans-Russian routes which link the capital, Moscow, to the far east and Siberia.

A few examples:
SU1730: Moscow Sheremetyevo - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ~ Aeroflot 777-300ER
SU6283: Moscow Sheremetyevo - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ~ Aeroflot 777-300ER
UT533: Moscow Vnukovo - Anadyr ~ UTair (generic) 767-300

These are just a few, though! There are many more you can try.

I’d encourage them over the boring generic ones for sure ;)


Thank you guys, I will definitely be trying these routes!

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