7NOV21/1730Z I need 2 F-22 Escorts

I’m flying the 747 Shuttle Carrier, and I need 2 USAF F-22’s to escort me


12:30pm EST

Training Server

I just want to make a realistic flight because I know in real life when the Shuttle Carrier was transporting the space shuttle it was escorted by multiple fighter jets. And I’ll tell you where to spawn if anyone joins. And copy my flight plan

Got a Zulu time you need them on station?

@SRF789 What do you mean

What time in Zulu? I need to work out what time you’re flying in my time zone

It says Zulu in the title @SRF789

if my calculations are correct, it’s in 25min

1225 EST…? Surely it would be 1225Z if it was in Zulu?

1730 is 1:30 PM EST

Sorry I was being a bit slow today

@SRF789 I’m flying in EST Idk how to read Zulu time that’s just how I was told to title things I’m departing at 12:30pm EST

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