7NOV20 / 2200Z - Celebrate MrMrMan’s Birthday @ KDEN

I can do a flyover if possible, as I can’t make the event anymore. I can do one when you all land though. And I can rate the landings?

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Sure! You can do that!

Hey can I join? @MJP_27

Yes you can! I have to reschedule the event for tomorrow at the same time due to schoolwork.

I’ll put you down for a gate. Which aircraft do you want?

Could I escort in an f-22 if possible and since its Tomorrow I am not sure if I will be able to join

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A30 Delta 7379

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I’ve signed you up!

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Event is today!

A31 737-900 love to join


Ok! I’ll sign you up and invite you to the PM!

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