7NOV20 / 2200Z - Celebrate MrMrMan’s Birthday @ KDEN

Welcome to a brand new series from me where we celebrate community members birthdays while flying. This Monday November 2nd is a famous community members birthday. Can you guess who it is? If you guessed @MrMrMan, your right! We will be flying from Denver to Salt Lake City with either the Delta B738 or Delta B739.

Flight Details

Time of Event: 2020-11-07T22:00:00Z

Departure Airport: KDEN

Arrival Airport: KSLC

Aircraft: Delta Boeing 737-800 or Delta Boeing 737-900

Expected Flight Time: 1:15hrs

Server: Expert


Gate Aircraft Attendee
A26 Delta B739 @MrMrMan
A27 Delta B739 @MJP_27
A28 Delta B738 @Luke_Sta
A29 Delta B738 @Butter_Boi
A30 Delta B739 @Pilot_Felix
A31 Delta B739 @Matthew_Basselini-Tr

More Gates will be added once more people sign up

Sign Up Format

Request what Gate you want
What Aircraft do you want


A26 and I’ll use the Delta B738

I hope you can join me and @MrMrMan by celebrating his birthday with flying a special flight.



Probably just closer to an hour or an hour and 15 minutes.

I will attend though, so sign me up for the 738 at A28!

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Roger! I’ve signed you up! Cya at the event!

I’ll try and come. 737-800 at A29 for me please!


You’ve been signed up! Cya there!

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Thank you!

Happy B-Day in advance @MrMrMan!



It looks like the time in the title and the time that matches but your timezone aren’t the same… It may be because Daylight Saving time ended.

The timezone time is 2000Z while to the title is 1900Z

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Ok. Thank you for the heads up!

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No worries :)

I am not sure if I will make it at the moment, I will see.

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Never mind I might not be able to join

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Ok no worries!

I’ll take this one in the DAL B739 plz! Thx!

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You’ve been signed up! Cya there

Thanks! I’m excited for this one :)


Let’s get some more sign ups for the event!

Any chance I can come?

I noticed there was no gates available at the moment

Yes. I’m going to add more gates once more people sign up.

And, I signed you up @Collins4486! What aircraft?

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Delta 739 please @MJP_27

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Thank you!

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