7NOV20 / 0000Z -The Delta 777 Tribute @ KATL, KLAX, KJFK [COMPLETED]

Here I have an event that helps us Remember The Delta 777-200LR’s that were retired due to The Virus.
Help us get the legacy out there by participating in this event. you will get an escort!

Note: If the full 20.2 update is not out by then the event will be pushed back 1 week

Server: The Expert Server

Airport: KATL & KLAX & KJFK

Time: 2020-11-07T00:00:00Z


777L gates. Fly-in and Fly-Out
Route Flight Time Callsign Gates Pilots
KLAX-YSSY 14:43 DAL41 Gate 156
YSSY-KLAX 13:25 DAL40 Gate 154 @Half-Aviation
KJFK-VABB 14:40 DAL24 Terminal 4 gate A5 @Udeme_Ekpo
VABB-KJFK 14:40 DAL25 Terminal 4 gate A3
KATL-VABB 15:44 DAL3322 E12 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
VABB-KATL 16:46 DAL3323 E10
KATL-FAOR 16:00 DAL200 E8 @NuggetFornia
FAOR-KATL 17:00 DAL201 E6 @Austrian001
KATL-KLAX 4:45 DAL368 E4 @zion89
KLAX-KJFK 5:00 DAL313 Terminal 2 Gate 23 @A350pilot

The routes are from The Boeing 777-200LR Route Database


Once someone signs up they will have an escort position and the signup will be here

Pilot Millitary Aircraft Pilot Following Notes
@Aviation2929 F-22 @Udeme_Ekpo
@Austrian001 this is an arrival aircraft so please escort him in and out
@NuggetFornia You only have to escort him out

For the Arrivals they need to be at their airport at or close to 0000Z

If you are a KLAX peep here is your map

If you are more of a KJFK person here you go

If you come to the main hub KATL here you go!

It would mean a lot to me if you joined.

The Delta 777 Just left their fleet as said in a video by Jeb Brooks


Note: I'm not responsible for any violations you get during this. Please be respectful to other Pilots and IFATC (if present)


I will take this route thank you

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Head’s up, your Zulu time from the title does not match the time in the body of the post.

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Let me fix that

Thank you. You are signed up!

@Thunderbolt is it correct now. It is confusing because of daylight savings time end

Nope, other direction. Should be 7 November at 0000Z.

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Fixed. Thank you

Can we get some more signups?

Causaly waiting for more people to signup

anyone else?

I will try to come.

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May I take this one?

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Sure you can

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Anyone else?

I’ll take this one please. Thanks!!!

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Could I please get gate 156 to Sydney?

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis @A350pilot you are both signed up

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