7MAY23: The Boise Flyout DEPARTED

First: Aidan

Last: 101

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Understandable but also confusing

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this but to Portland in the E-175 please and thanks
(RIP Q400)

@Ryan_Carney Roger that!!

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thank you!

Your always welcome my friend

Can I please have gate B11?

@AmericanB772 yes ofc

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Can I have gate B11 instead, sorry.

@AmericanB772 sure

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Darn it!

Guess I’ll take this one

@PhorzaSky One flight to Austin coming up

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@JMacMcd @PhorzaSky @Ryan_Carney @anon36731834
Plz press Going

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can i switch to this?

@Flyin.Hawaiian I don’t see why not

This change the aircraft and destination to Chicago and United E175

@UALPilot Roger that

@kinsehh because of you… Its taken 🤪


Your welcome 😁

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I don’t have any creativity for bumps