7MAY23: The Boise Flyout DEPARTED

I’m heading to SFO, but I will need to do some touch and goes this week on Training.

Thanks to everyone who attended! I land in Idaho falls in about 45 minutes!
I wish you all safe flights


@United403 if you want I’ll probably still be open if you want to do pattern work

@Butter575 I’ll fly back from Idaho falls after I Land

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Thanks again for the event like always! Vegas is about an hour and 15 minutes away.

@jacrock that was as smooth a takeoff I have seen!!

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Arrival is KBOI right?

Departure is KBOI

Cheers to all who joined!

make sure to check out my other events!

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Ok, I’ll be a second because I just set a flt plan from Burbank to boi

Ok I’m the Avelo 737-800 at B15

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just reach FL190, showing 35 minutes until i land

I’m Avelo 1173

@Butter575 You think you’ll still be on in an hour?

I’ll be on for a while yes

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@United403 can I share one of mine?

Ok, will respawn once I get to Vegas for some patterns

@United403 ive flown into GJT a lot when I lived in Denver, and I love that you are organizing this event!!

Please use the A-10, it would be more realistic

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@Butter575 first pattern, since I took off 10L, I would’ve needed a new pattern entry (enter right downwind) for 10R, before clearing me for the option 10R
I think everything else was good except for my landing