7MAY23: The Boise Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome everyone to the Beautiful Idahoan Capital of Boise, which happens to be the home of my next event! Join me and My friend @Wonderousbuilder641 on May 7th to fill this Massive Reginal Airport!

Event Info
Time: 2300Z, 4pm mst
Date: May 7th, 2023
Airport: Boise Gowen Field
Server: Training Server


B Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
B10 Allegiant Phoenix Mesa A320 @the_ding
B11 American Dallas A320
B14 Delta Minneapolis A320
B15 Avelo Burbank B738
B16 Spirit Las Vegas A321 @HunterCallahan87
B17 Delta Salt Lake City E175
B18 Delta Atlanta A321
B19 United Chicago E175 @UALPilot
B20 United Houston B738 @Jesse1
B21A Southwest Oakland B737 @jacrock
B21B Southwest Sacramento B737 @Mason_Lennox
B22A Southwest San Diego B737 @Nicholas_Thiemonge
B22B Southwest Las Vegas B737 @Neva
C Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
C2 Alaska Burbank E175
C3 Alaska Palm Springs E175
C4 Alaska Austin E175 @PhorzaSky
C5 Alaska Seattle Q400 @DJW
C6 Alaska Portland E175 @Ryan_15
C7 Alaska Portland Q400
C8 Alaska San Jose E175
C9 Alaska San Francisco E75
C10 Alaska Idaho Falls Q400 @United403
C11 Alaska Los Angeles E175 @Connor_Ferguson01
C12 Alaska Phoenix E175 @RagonDragon
North Cargo
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
7 FedEx Casper MD-11
8 FedEx Memphis MD-11
9 FedEx Salt Lake City MD-11
West Cargo
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 UPS Denver MD-11
2 UPS Fresno A330F
3 UPS Louisville MD-11

Air traffic Control

Frequency User
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Approach @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
Departure @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek


  • I am not responsible for any Violations
  • Follow all ATC instruction
  • Act professional and Respectful
  • Have Fun

i like this plane

@Flyin.Hawaiian Amazing Choice

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Nice event! I can’t make it, but this sounds really fun!

@United403 sign me up for the gate you most likely think I want

@Wonderousbuilder641 it better be that Ejet to to SLC because thats my guess

my guess @Wonderousbuilder641


Alright, sign me up for it then.


Can I take atc?

@Topgottem Thanks for helping with ATC

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Yea np any time…

yay we have good atc! not some rando with no experience thankfully

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I didn’t expect that but tk

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I have been to the boise airport irl, I remember it being bigger then this.
I mean the airport compared to the q400 makes it look so small 😂 or maybe its just me idk

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@Topgottem Please keep messages on topic
if you want to share a personal story, please do it elsewhere

thanks :)

Bruh, don’t bring gc references into this.

Thanks :)

I’ll take this one please

@JMacMcd amazing choice!

A complete surprise to those who know my flying habits, I have come to redeem this here spot

@anon36731834 That there spot is officially under the ownership of Aidan101Unknown last name

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