7JUN20 / 2100Z - Las Vegas Fly-out! @ KLAS

HOST’S- @Chuck_Aviation, @Cap_J and @Delta18


We welcome you to our fly-out event! This event will take place at the famous Las Vegas McCrarren International Airport. This airport is famous for having a casino inside of it. It is also famous for being a major western Hub airport for many major U.S. Airlines. Las Vegas McCarren airport is located on the Las Vegas Strip next to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. The airport offers many exiting destinations for travelers such as Toronto, Mexico City, and Dubai.

Why Las Vegas McCarren International Airport?

This airport is a huge western Hub airport in the United States that offers many destinations in and outside of the U.S. This makes McCarren airport one of the best airports to host a huge fly-out at.

This event is sponsored by southwest virtual airlines. If you would like to apply for this wonderful virtual airline please visit the link posted at the bottom of the event page.


KLAS Ground= @Luke_Sta
KLAS Tower= @Luke_Sta
KLAS ATIS= @Luke_Sta
KLAS Departure= None yet
KLAS Approach= None yet

ATC Will be Strict.
Please follow all ATC instructions. In subject to fail instructions, You will in result be GHOSTED


Server: Expert
Reply for whichever route you would like.
Be respectful to ATC.

D, and C Gates use runway 26R

A, and B Gates use runway 19L

C Gates are in the second wave after A, B, and D for traffic reasons.

@Chuck_Aviation and @Cap_J will be flying and watching to make sure there is no rules being broken.


A Gates T1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
A3 KOAK Allegiant A320 @Bryan4558
A17 KTUS Allegiant A320 @mcribb1
A10 KRFD Allegiant A320
A11 KSAN Allegiant A320 @AndrewSunde
A12 KIWA Allegiant A320 @Cap_J
A14 KFNL Allegiant A320 @ThatFlightSimGuy_24
A7 KDTW Spirit A321

Terminal ONE A Gates

B Gates T1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
B1 KSEA Spirit A320 @ianfirepower
B6 KMSP Spirit A320
B17 KORD Spirit A320
B25 KSAN Spirit A320 @Juan_Cruz_Gallego
B24 KMCO Southwest Heart 737-700 @Airforce1095
B23 KPDX Southwest Desert Gold 737-700 @WheelerAviation
B22 KMSY Southwest Heart 737-800 @charrison
B21 KSJC Southwest Heart 737-800 @BigBert10
B19 KDAL Southwest Desert Gold 737-700 @OKCFlight86
C Gates T1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
C1 KSFO Southwest Heart 737-700 @Populeux_Music
C3 KMDW Southwest Heart 737-800 @ORD777flyer
C11 KMKE Southwest Heart 737-800 @Infinite_Josh
C12 KSLC Southwest Illinois One 737-700 @Sky_BoundYT
C14 KDEN Southwest Canyon blue 737-800 @That_Guy14
C16 KPIT Southwest Heart 737-700
C19 KIAH Southwest Heart 737-700 @Sticks
C21 KSMF Southwest Heart 737-800
D Gates T1

|D1|KPHX|American|737-800| @Ols_Cochrane
|D3|KDEN|American|737-800| @AmtrakEngineerDEN
|D7|KORD|American|A321| @Delta18
|D9|KJFK|United|737-800| @PilotChrisSG
|D11|KLAX|Delta|737-800| @Udeme_Ekpo
|D10|KDAL|Delta|737-900| @Pingu
|D8|KDEN|United|E170| @Chuck_Aviation

D Gates T3

For international flights you may pick your own route as long as it is a real flight.

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
D19 MMMX Vivaaerobus A320 @ZinZowe
D20 MMMX Volaris (Generic) A320
D21 KIWA Allegiant A320
D22 EGKK British Airways 777-200ER
D23 Your Choice
D18 Your Choice
D16 Your Choice
D50 Your Choice

Check out @Chuck_Aviation event here. 8JUN20 / 1500Z—The Southern-Delta Flyout @KJAN

Apply to southwest virtual here.


I believe it’s KDAL and the aircraft flying it is Desert Gold :’

It’s also called Canyon Blue, it might just be a typo.

Where are E Gates so I can fly Internationally XD

Just to let you know, some of the aircraft you put in D gates are not fit, if your looking for realism, they go on E1-E5A Gates. Emirates also doesn’t fly here nor Ethopian

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All of the international flights are in terminal 3 D Gates :)

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D17 MMUN United 737-900 PLEASE!

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this one for me plz thx


you got it

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Can I take the shortest flight available?

I will take a gate to San Jose with Southwest please!

Roger that! I’ll hook you up with the short
D6 KSFO United 737-800
If you’d like

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Sure Captain!

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Thank you I’ll be there!

It’s going to be awesome guys!

Sorry I might just be not seeing it but I don’t think we have a Southwest flight to San Jose

Do you mind adding it

I’ll take B21 because Southwest doesnt fly to SLE to begin with so you could replace that with San Jose


Hey! Just one thing you might wanna change. When it says Southwest Dessert, it should be spelled desert. Just some friendly advice. :)

Can I take Southwest B24 to MCO? Thanks a lot mate!

Thanks! I have to be able to fly to SJC because it’s my favorite airport and doesn’t get much attention in IF

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Thanks! Can’t wait!


I would like to join. I am not sure which gate I can have, but I would like to fly my generic B773 to PHNL if possible.

I also am wondering what server this will be on. I was wondering if the time that says 3pm is eastern time or MDT or other. I would love to fly the Southwest Airlines 737-700 from Las Vegas to Savanna leaving out of gate B2