7JUN20 / 1800Z & 1900Z - Around The Alps - Geneva flyout @ LSGG

Please only use routes provided above.


I’ll take gate G18 to LSZH on Asiana Airlines in wave 2 with A388.

There are no Asiana flights, nor there are any A380 flights

A359, Philippine Airlines livery or any livery.

I’ll take gate G18 to LSZH in wave 2 with A359.

Please select one of the free routes above

We don’t have custom flights here

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I‘ll take gate G22 please. Flying Lufthansa to Hamburg. Airbus A320.

Hey, I just found out I can’t make the event so please could you remove me from the Reykjavik flight?

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Multiple replies:

  • @j_f_b removed your registration, thanks for notifying!
  • @ribery_99 wave 1 is already taken, wave 2 maybe? Also please check the gate you are requesting, it is in the wrong category

Hey I just found out I cant make it can you remove me Emirates 773 ro dubai

Could I perhaps take wave 1, sponsored Gates from Swiss Virtual Airlines. Because I’m a new member there.

There are no flights to Hamburg in Swiss section and their gates are only for their flights, so no

I am a Swiss Member. For me the destination doesn’t matter. Please just give me a gate.

Hi there! Can I take this route?
CYUL | Montreal | Air Canada | A333 | 3189 nm | CHONKY

How is going to be ATC? If you don’t have any I am free 😀

@sqeezelemon, I have signed up for the event, however, it will be too much traffic for that event. So I would like to cancel this event by having my name removed. Thank you so much

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@sqeezelemon Hey, this event is Featured at IFATC, We gonna have ATC at sunday!

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@MrAftonn now, but traffic will be heavy and the airport might be busy to where I will be standing there for a long time. So, I would like to not attend that event

Multiple replies:

  • @ribery_99 alright, wave 1 or 2 then? Also you can give me some of the things you would like to see so I can a try to pick a destination for your liking.
  • @Big_Chungus - there is now free space in Wave 1, wanna switch? (it is busier though)
  • @Elefanths - get in the queue, we’re featured baby!
  • @Udeme_Ekpo - no problem. Sitting in traffic can sometimes be very frustrating!
  • @MrAftonn - I was as shocked as you are!
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Yes please, I’d love to join wave 1.

can I take this gate ?