7JUN20 / 1800Z & 1900Z - Around The Alps - Geneva flyout @ LSGG

No worries! If spot comes free for it, let me know please!

Hello! Can I get the SAS fly to Stockholm?

GMMX**|Marrakesh|Royal Air Maroc|B738|1096 nm|

This gate please

Hey man can i have this gate please

What do you mean?

Are you a member of the IFVARB certified Swiss Virtual airlines?

Hello, wave 1 is full, but I can sign you up for wave 2 which is an hour later. Deal?

I don’t know

Do you know these guys? Like, I don’t know, have slack with swiss virtual airlines on your phone?

No, I don’t think so

Can I fly this route? I believe the only gate left in wave 1 for the OK is gate CA89C. Thanks!

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Then you can’t reserve their routes until 1 hour prior to the event. i might extend it to 1 day, but for now they are Swiss VA pilots only

Ok. Can I reserve the gate?

Reserved the last OK gate in wave 1 for you

Thanks! I’ll be there

Awwwwww man, but I guess I understand

I want here

Wave 1 chonkers are full, wave 2 maybe?

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Ummm, It’s fine

I’ll take gate G18 to RPLL on Asiana Airlines in wave 2 with A388! or Philippine Airlines A359.