7JUN20 / 1800Z & 1900Z - Around The Alps - Geneva flyout @ LSGG

Uh I think you put me down for the wrong gate! πŸ™‚

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Could I get the EasyJet flight to Palermo

Are you a part of EasyJet Virtual?

Now that IFATC is coming I better get in quick!
Could I take a flight to Glasgow callsign Channex 9982 please?

Yes.i am part of EasyJet Virtual

Lovely event! I’d love to open as ATC as it’s my home airport!πŸ˜€

Can i take the TAP Portugal to Lisbon?

Hi could I have the A319 BA to Gatwick please?

I’m too lazy to tag but everyone who signed up is now signed up.

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Please can I take this gate as I am a part of EZYVA.😁

Please could I have the flight to Reykjavik??

Could I have the Emirates 773 to Dubai

Swiss a321 to Munich

Are you a member of Swiss Virtual?

Please with Korean A330 to RKSI :)

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Flybe used to operate LSGG-EGNS on the Dash8. Can I have this route please? :)

hi, i would like to fly to LPPT Lisbon. it’s possible ?

Hello, thanks for your concern. Unfortunately, I try to stick to the routes that were provided upon posting.

May I take the United fly to KIAD please?

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Can I take a gate to Athens on the Aegean Airlines A320?