7FEB21 / 1700Z - The SAN JOSE Flyout @ KSJC

Thanks, looking forward to Sundays flight

can i change to this

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Did you mean B15

yea, i guess

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Well you have been added

ok, thank you

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Oh Sorry I was going to another event named B15

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its ok, we all make mistakes

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i might not make is bc church if my mom makes me go, if i dont show up plz count me as the flight is done, hope to see yall in like 13 and a half hours!!!

Ohhhh B13 to SNA please!!! Awesome!!


Ok roger that

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are yall there? its been 8 m

We r here go to the PM bud
The Mods are closing this soon

oh, i replied here, im an idiot

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No u r not

@moderators pls close this

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