7FEB21 / 1700Z - The SAN JOSE Flyout @ KSJC

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Love the colors in this shot! A picture of “Heart One” the first plane in the new Southwest Airlines livery. Boeing … | Aircraft, Boeing aircraft, Aviation airplane

Southwest Airlines B737-800 Night Landing at MCO! (November,2016) - YouTube

Pin on LUV Southwest Airlines

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SAN JOSE fly out

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
A1 Frontier A320 MLM
A2 Delta E170 KSEA
A3 American A321 KDFW
A4 United A320 KDEN @Julien_Narayanasawmy
A5 Frontier A320 GDL @Zenaida_Montanez
A6 Alaska B739 KORD
A7 United A321 KIAH
A8 American A321 KPHX @Aviation2929
A9 Delta E175 KSLC @RagonDragon
A10 Delta E175 KLAX @DeltaFox
A11 Delta E175 KSEA @Ahmed1
A12 Delta E175 KSLC
A13 Delta E175 KLAS @Nightt
A14 United E175 KIAH
A15 Volaris A320 (Generic) MMMM @FlyIf_0011IFPA
A16 United A319 KDEN @Fung_Sum-sum
A17 ANA B787 HND @Caelifera
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
B1 Southwest B738 KLAS @zion89
B2 Alaska E170 (Generic) KSEA
B3 Southwest 738 KBUR @SWA1997
B4 southwest B737 KDEN @BonaireDude
B5 Southwest B738 GDL @mcgregni
B6 Southwest B738 KORD
B7 Alaska A321 KIAH @Tre_Dior
B8 Southwest B737 KPHX @bbrockairbus
B10 Southwest B737 KRNO @M_Billy
B11 Alaska E175 (Generic) KPDX
B12 Alaska E175 (Generic) KSAN
B13 Southwest B738 KSNA
B14 Southwest B738 KONT @Marco_Rdz
B15 Alaska B738 PHOG @FlyIf_0011IFPA
B16 Southwest B737 KSAN
B17 Southwest B738 PHNL
B18 Alaska E175 (Generic) BOI
B19 Southwest B738 KDAL @Plix
B20 Southwest B738 KBWI
B21 Southwest B738 KSAT
B13 Alaska B738 KPHX @CALFIRE2

Give Credits to @Butter_Boi for Making it. @SWA1997 Hosted this event

Plz join @SWA1997 event on February the 7th


Tower @MJP_27
Ground @MJP_27


We changed the name for a reason, because it fits the guidelines. Stop changing it back. :)


what name @Pingu

The name of the event. It has to have the location at the end.

i didn’t change it


thank you @Pingu

Also, you may want to fix up your background credits dropdown…


thank you @ran

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This one pls @zion89

@zion89 I suggest you use the ICAO code besides IATA code

KSJC is San Jose’s ICAO

Bruh moment ;)

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I mean some of them aren’t ICAO

Do u guys want to join us?

Why was I linked to this 😂

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I’ll take A8 please


Thanks for coming @zion89 will get to u ASAP
Welcome aboard

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Can i take this one