7Days 24/7 Aerial Refuling at NATO East Border [CLOSED]

Right behind yous. Will join for one more lap and peel off north at Warsaw


We are currently finishing our last lap. We start for EGUN on the SW corner of the circuit.

Got it. I’ll try to fuel before then

Also try to get in formation for a photo if you feel comfortable

Ill try. Lag is causing issues

Refuelled, got a pic and heading back to base in Estonia. Safe trip back guys!

(I’d like to see it eventually)

Don’t know about anybody else, but I know there’s been this whole debate on gun and missile being in IF but how could we say no to chaffs/flares (to all Military planes; even C17 and C130s)? Where we could do it to thank the tankers or even create some more realism in BFM fight. Anyone disagree?

@skylark also for the event invitation

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I mean that does sound like a good idea… that’ll come in about 2 or 3 years if we’re lucky. Just landed anyway, thanks for a fun afternoon!

spooky 2-6 spectre gunship inbound to EGUN, about 15 minutes out! safe landings lads.

If I land first, I’ll find an appropriate sized and located area to start a photo formation area. Big planes in the back line, fighters will be up front. we should get a 2 filed horizontal line going. like an equal sign =. we will give ample room for folks to spawn in direclty, and clear enough of the runway for people to easily taxi off and prevent congestion.

Maybe we can also perform a little Elephant Walk

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space is limited so instead of a big = sign, we will form a big double C with the big C back row being big aircraft, and the little c in front being fighters.

Pleasure meeting with y’all. Cool to see the Grey Giants together. Thanks for the thread, and this cool side to the community. The most fun I’ve had on the expert server. This is what it’s all about!! Spooky 2-6, out!

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I couldn’t say it better! This was definitely the most fun I’ve had on IF/IFC.

NOTE: Be on the lookout for a continuation of this thread by created by me if I get around to it. Until next time!


Thanks to everyone this was a very nice Week hope this can be repeated with other things in the further. When i started this last Sunday i never had an idea how big this would go so this Thread developed right with the Ammount of attendes.

Again Thanks for everyone who attended


enjoy! @CrazyBee thanks so much for the thread and effort. much appreciated.



How awesome! Both @redrhino and @Gerrit_Ntboom getting some amazing pictures of the ending evening flights!

Side note, I have created a (revised) version of this thread use link below;

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Thanks agai for everyone attended here yo can have a little Instagram Reel with some short looks from 7Days Tanker action.

This will be shortly closed by Moderators thanks

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