7APR24: The Toronto Pearson Flyout

@deltaoutofdca Roger that

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Wasn’t that one really surprising?
Wanted a new route tbh.

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Super surprising

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I’ve been loading up events lately but, don’t even look at the calendar.

128 Air Canada A220 Halifax

I want this one please!

@Jp_Games welcome back to the community! I’ll get you added

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Good day, would I be able to request this route? In the case that I won’t be able to make it, I will make sure to let you know.


(also thrilled to have my home airport in a flyout so thank you!!)

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@corgi_doodle_YT certainly 😝

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7 Days left🇨🇦

I cannot attend sadly

@NonStopsAviation no problem, I’ll remove you

Could I get the gate 191 flight to Dallas please?

@Ohio welcome to the community! I’ll get you added

I’ll take this

@Ken_wei amazing choice

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I decide to change to this one instead especially because I just really like flying dash-8. It’s one of my favorite aircraft to fly actually. Sorry about the inconvenience

It’s all good

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Can’t attend i’ve quit IF for the time being

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@ayyjay Roger

Can I have
C35 KLM B78X Amsterdam Thanks!