7APR24: The Toronto Pearson Flyout

@RJPlayZ ofc! Enjoy

Is Emirates from Dubai available?

This is a fly out

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Right, sorry about that misread it, I mean Emirates to Dubai?

I’m guessing he can add one

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@Cobalt not anymore because you just claimed it 😆

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@United403 Air Canada Virtual would love to take part in this Event as it’s our Largest HUB, and a very popular spot for our Pilots. Would it be possible for us to reserve 10 Gates at Terminal 1, preferably 151-171 if possible. We’re looking forward to this amazing looking Event.


Event Manager
Air Canada Virtual


Hi, also, some routes are missing too, which exists real life too,
These are Islamabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Dhaka

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@AirCanadaVirtual hello 👋🤗
Of course!! Hope to see y’all there this spring

Do you have an event banner I could use

lemme cop pls

Can I change this to a Delta 737-800 to Atlanta

@Apple_Haye @Bigswagster47 you both have been added

Air Canada

@barbadian Roger that

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Its been pretty quiet over here
Keep filling up this amazing city 🇨🇦✈️

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Can I grab this one?

@Nicholas_Thiemonge certainly

Toronto is my home airport! I’ll tell you if I could join after.

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Can I have a Lufthansa A380 to Frankfurt?

@American367 that route is only flown on the 787-9