7APR24: The Toronto Pearson Flyout

Welcome to my 3rd ever Canadian event in the amazing city of Toronto Ontario 🇨🇦! Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and the biggest hub for national carrier Air Canada. The city is also known for being home to the Maple Leafs hockey team 🏒, being home to the 10th tallest free standing structure in the world… The CN Tower🗼among many other historical sites and museums 🏛️! Join me and fellow IFC’er and Event creator @Ryan_15 on the first weekend of April for an amazing flyout✈️!

Event Info
Airport: Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport CYYZ
Time: 1800z, 11am mst
Date: April 7th, 2024
Server: Expert Server

Terminal 1
Gate Airlines Aircraft Destination User
101 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Timmins
103 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Saint John
105 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Saskatoon
107 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Washington Ronald Reagan
109 Air Canada Express DH8D Sudbury
110 Air Canada Express DH8D London
111 Air Canada Express DH8D North Bay @Ken_wei
112 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Columbus
128 Air Canada A220 Halifax @Jp_Games
126 Air Canada A220 Deer Lake
124 Air Canada B789 Vancouver
122 Air Canada A220 Monterrey
120 Air Canada A220 Denver
131 Air Canada Express E175 Minneapolis
132 Air Canada A220 Seattle
133 Air Canada A220 Montreal
134 Air Canada Rouge A319 Fort Myers
135 Air Canada A319 Halifax @Muhammedj14
136 Air Canada A220 Chicago @YAWspeed
137 Air Canada A321 Calgary
138 Air Canada A321 Edmonton
139 Air Canada B77W Cancun @Prestoni
140 Air Canada A333 Barbados @barbadian
141 Air Canada B789 Phoenix @corgi_doodle_YT
143 Air Canada B788 San Jose
145A Air Canada B77W Tokyo Haneda
151 Air Canada A220 Moncton @AirCanadaVirtual
153 Copa Airlines B738 Panama City
155 Air Canada A321 Kingston @AirCanadaVirtual
157 Air Canada A220 Atlanta @AirCanadaVirtual
160 Air Canada Express E175 New York LaGuardia @AirCanadaVirtual
161 Air Canada A220 San Diego @AirCanadaVirtual
162 Air Canada A220 Boston @AirCanadaVirtual
163 Air Canada Rouge A319 Miami @AirCanadaVirtual
164A United E175 Newark
165 Air Canada Rouge A319 Palm Springs @AirCanadaVirtual
166 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Cleveland @AirCanadaVirtual
167 Air Canada B77W London Heathrow @AirCanadaVirtual
168B Turkish Airlines B77W Istanbul
169 Air Canada A330 Frankfurt @United403
170 Air Canada B788 Los Angeles @AirCanadaVirtual
171 Eva Air B77W Taipei
172 Air Canada A330 Paris
173 Emirates A380 Dubai @Cobalt
174 Emirates A380 Dubai
175 Air Canada B77W Dubai
176 Air India B77W Delhi
177 Air Canada B788 Edinburgh @MPH258
178 Ethiopian A350 Addis Ababa
179 Air Canada A330 Fort Lauderdale @Pilot_Juju
180 Lufthansa B789 Frankfurt
181 LOT B788 Warsaw
191 Air Canada A220 Houston
193 Air Canada A220 Dallas @Ohio
244 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Pittsburgh
245 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Windsor Locks
246 Air Canada Rouge A319 Vieux Fort
247 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Detroit
248 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Charlotte
248 United E175 Chicago
249 United E175 Washington
250 United A319 Houston
251 Air Canada A220 West Palm Beach
252 United A319 Denver
253 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Raleigh-Durham
254 Avianca A320 San Salvador
255 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Newark
256 Air Canada Express E175 New York JFK
258 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Baltimore
260 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Indianapolis @Bigswagster47
262 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Washington @deltaoutofdca
264 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Cincinnati
266 Air Canada A321 San Francisco
270 Air Canada A321 Providenciales
272 Air Canada Rouge A319 Fort McMurray
Terminal 3
Gate Airlines Aircraft Destination User
C41 Flair B738 Vancouver
C40 Aer Lingus A321 Dublin @Ben_Walsh
C39 Korean Air B789 Seoul
C38 WestJet B738 George Town
C37 Aeromexico B738 Mexico City
C36 Air France A350 Paris @JPs_Aviation
C35 KLM B78X Amsterdam @Norino_Vitale
C34 WestJet B789 Cancun
C33 British Airways A380 London Heathrow @American367
C32 Air Transat A330 Punta Cana @Ryan_15
C31 British Airways A380 London Heathrow @Olivia12
C30 Etihad B77W Abu Dhabi
C29 Cathay Pacific A350 Hong Kong @sky
C28 Delta San Francisco MD-11 @Topgottem
C27 Philippine Airlines A350 Manila @ayyjay
C26 WestJet B738 Montego Bay
C25 WestJet B738 Nassau
C24 WestJet B738 Saskatoon
B22 WestJet B738 Edmonton
B20 WestJet B738 Calgary
B19 WestJet B737 Las Vegas
B18 Icelandair B757 Keflavik @Nicholas_Thiemonge
B17 WestJet B738 Antigua
B16 American A319 Miami
B15 WestJet B737 Nashville @CVG_Pilot
B14 American B738 Dallas
B12 Delta B738 Atlanta @RJPlayZ
B11 Delta A320 Salt Lake City @Wonderousbuilder641
B10B American CRJ9 Charlotte
B09B Sun Country B738 Minneapolis @Mort
B08 American E175 New York LaGuardia
B07F Delta CRJ9 New York LaGuardia
B07E Delta CRJ9 Minneapolis
B07D Delta CRJ9 New York JFK
Infield Concourse
Gate Airlines Aircraft Destination User
521 WestJet B738 Liberia
522 Caribbean Airlines B738 Port of Spain
523 Caribbean Airlines B738 Kingston
524 WestJet B738 Bridgetown
525 Sunwing B738 Cancun
527 WestJet B737 Vancouver
528 WestJet B738 Orlando
529 WestJet B738 Puerto Vallarta
530 Sunwing B738 Punta Cana
531 Sunwing B738 San Jose del Cabo
South Cargo Apron
Gate Airlines Aircraft Destination User
500 China Southern Cargo B77F Qingdao @Ka77a51umAviation
501 KoreanAir Cargo B77F Seoul
502 Silk Way B748 Luxembourg
503 KoreanAir Cargo B77F Halifax
504 FedEx B77F Memphis @CedricFlys
505 EVA Air Cargo B77F Anchorage
506 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis
507 UPS MD11F Louisville
508 Aerologic B77F Frankfurt

Frequency User
ATIS @Kaltsit
Ground @Kaltsit
Tower @Kaltsit

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun

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Special thanks to @MANDELA for the gate assignments and Banners


This please

@Ryan_15 coming right up Mr. cohost

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Can I have this but in an A320 to Salt Lake City?

Hmmmm right at my event time🤔

@Wonderousbuilder641 of course!

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Can I take FedExgate 504, But with a 777F instead?

@CedricFlys absolutely

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This please 🙏

amazing choice

Can I have a Sun Country 738 to Minneapolis with a side of bison?

@Mort side of bison coming right up!

What beverage would you like?

Ummm…. How about hot chocolate?

Roger that

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I’ll take this

@ayyjay Roger that

Of course. And whipped cream.

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ill take the flight to vieux fort but could u change it to barbados with an A330?

@barbadian which airline would you like?

Can I have this one please?