[79 Attended, Finished!] [Partnered With United Virtual, Southwest Virtual, EVA Air Virtual And Global Airtours!] The Great Realistic Houston Flyout @ KIAH/KHOU - 121900ZJAN20

@Bray I’m sorry I have a flight lesson on Sunday that will over lap with this event, I didn’t think it would but I know now it definitely will. You can remove me.

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Hey i am going to be at gate A18 at KIAH as a spirit a320!!!


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I’ll take gate East Cargo Apron CA04 at KIAH!

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Does that work OK?

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I would like to take this gate! Thanks and I hope to see everyone there :)

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Aww come on! 😡

thank you. Just a few things, I think you spelled my username wrong in the gate page and also Turkish Cargo isn’t there for the 77L, should I take the 777-300 instead?

Gate:E22 KIAH-KFLL please

Can I get gate E09?

Hey, I do not care which gate I am assigned, but can you please switch me to KMSP but upgauge it to the A320 used by UA673 IRL?

can I take East Cargo Apron BA04 to KMEM please?

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@Altaria55 gate changed


everyone please check for an invite to a private PM just for your terminal :)

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@Bray there are two gate E09 one which is me and the other @Planeboi19.

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my bad, go to E10 please.

Sorry could i go C9?

Can I grab this gate :)

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E10 please - need to stay in your concourse :)

Ok ill go E10

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