[79 Attended, Finished!] [Partnered With United Virtual, Southwest Virtual, EVA Air Virtual And Global Airtours!] The Great Realistic Houston Flyout @ KIAH/KHOU - 121900ZJAN20

The Great Realistic Houston Flyout

Proudly Partnered With United Virtual (UVAL), Southwest Virtual (SWVA), EVA Air Virtual And Global Airtours

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Information on George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)

United Airlines has its second largest mainline hub at KIAH along with 4 regional carries operating under United Express: ExpressJet, Mesa Airlines, Republic Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines. Spirit Airlines also has a focus city here.

In 2018, the airport served 43,807,539 passengers, making it the 47th busiest airport in the world and 14th busiest in the United States.

IAH has 5 terminals, A, B C, D and E.

The airport’s top destinations were Los Angeles (LAX), Denver (DEN) and O’Hare (ORD) coming in third.

Information On William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Hobby is Houston’s oldest commercial airport and was its primary airport until Houston Intercontinental Airport, now George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Southwest has a large hub her at HOU, and is the dominant airline here at William. P Hobby.

HOU has 2 concourses, the Central and West Concourse.

The top destinations were Dallas Love Field (DAL), Atlanta Hartsfield (ATL), and New Orleans International (MSY) coming in third.

Important Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KIAH or KHOU

Time: 2020-01-12T19:00:00Z

When To Spawn: 15 minutes before departure.


  • Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.
  • Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.
  • Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

Airlines That Operate At IAH

Airline Terminal
Air Canada Terminal A
Alaska Airlines Terminal A
American Airlines Terminal A
Boutique Air Terminal A
Delta Airlines Terminal A
Frontier Airlines Terminal A
jetBlue Airways Terminal A
Spirit Airlines Terminal A
United Airlines Terminal A
WestJet Terminal A
United Express Terminal B
United Airlines Terminal C
Aeromexico Terminal D
Air China Terminal D
AirFrance Terminal D
Air New Zealand Termainl D
ANA Terminal D
Avianca Terminal D
British Airways Terminal D
Emirates Terminal D
Eva Air Terminal D
Interjet Terminal D
KLM Terminal D
Lufthansa Terminal D
QATAR Airways Terminal D
Turkish Airlines Terminal D
United Airlines Terminal D
Volaris Terminal D
United Airlines Terminal E

Airlines That Operate at HOU

Airline Concourse
American Airlines Central Concourse
Delta Airlines Central Concourse
Southwest Airlines Central and West Concourses

Gates At KIAH

Terminal A (6 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KDCA United Airlines B737 A1
CYYC WestJet B738 A2
KPIT United Express E170 A7
KCLE United Airlines B737 A8
CYYZ Air Canada E175 A9
KLGA Delta Airlines A319 10 @ThomasThePro
KLAS Frontier Airlines A320 11 @Tyler_Cehelsky
KLGA Delta Airlines A319 A12 @SirMarkieMark
KDTW Delta Airlines CRJ9 A14 @Alex_Kyte
KATL Delta Airlines B712 A15
KMSY Spirit Airlines A320 A17 @Will_A
KBWI Spirit Airlines A320 A18 @Gemini_jets_2123
KLAX Spirit Airlines A320 A19 @Thiago_Silva
KSEA Alaska B739 A24 @cptlogue
KORD American B738 A25 @iiExTReME
KLAX American B738 A26 @Cooper
KDFW Ameican B738 A27 @Bren_McDonell
KCLT American A320 A29 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
KMIA American A321 A30 @ZachN
Terminal B
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KLBB United Express CRJ2 B1 @Juancrafter_Pro
KLIT United Express CRJ2 B2
KTYS United Express CRJ2 B3
KBHM United Express CRJ7 B4
KMEM United Express CRJ7 B5
KBNA United Express E170 B7
KATL United Express CRJ7 B8
KMOT United Express CRJ2 B9
KIND United Express E170 B10
KSTL United Express CRJ2 B11
KMOB United Express CRJ2 B12
KLFT United Express CRJ2 B15
KMSP United Express E170 B16
KDTW United Express E170 B17
KJAN United Express CRJ2 B18
KDSM United Express E170 B19
KOMA United Express E170 B20
KBTR United Express CRJ2 B21
MMBP United Express CRJ2 B22
KCLL United Express CRJ2 B23 @United10
KAMA United Express CRJ2 B24
KPNS United Express CRJ2 B25
KJAX United Express E170 B27
KTUL United Express CRJ2 B30
KCVG United Express E170 B31
KOKC United Express CRJ2 B76
MMLO United Express E170 B77
MMSP United Express E170 B78
KLRD United Express CRJ2 B79
KMCI United Express E170 B80
KPHL United Express E170 B81
KABQ United Express CRJ2 B83
KAUS United Express E170 B86 @snoman
KELP United Express CRJ2 B87
KCRP United Express CRJ2 B88
Terminal C
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KRSW United Airlines B737 C1
KSEA United Airlines B738 C2 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
KDEN United Airlines A320 C3 @Blake_Stephens
KMIA United Airlines A320 C4 @Andrew_Coward
KDEN United Airlines B739 C5 @EpicNYC04
KIAD United Airlines B737 C6
KSFO United Airlines B772 C7 @GlobalFlyer1
MYNN United Express E170 C8 @Nicholas_DeDreu
KPHX United Airlines B739 C9
KMSP United Airlines A320 C10 @Altaria55
TJSJ United Airlines B739 C11
KLAX United Airlines B772 C14W @Johnathan_Dadbeh
MMUN United Airlines B739 C15
KDTW United Express E170 C30
KCLT United Express E170 C31
KSHV United Express CRJ2 C32
KTPA United Express E170 C33
KDEN United Airlines A320 C34
KSDF United Express E170 C35
KLGA United Express E170 C36
CYYZ United Express E170 C37
KSAT United Airlines A320 C39 @Dwane_S
KFLL United Airlines B739 C40
KCHS United Express E170 C41
KBOS United Airlines A320 C42 @m_de41
KMCO United Airlines A320 C43 @Lufthansa2
KLAS United Airlines B737 C44
KTUS United Airlines A320 C45
Terminal D (4 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
EDDF Lufthansa B748 D02A @Captain_JR
LTBA Turskish B773 D04 @aaditrao
OTHH QATAR Airways A359 D05 @Sam73628
MSLP Avianca A319 D06
WSSS via EGCC Singapore A359 D07 @Pingu
MMGL Volaris A320 D08 @Fernando_Carbajal
OMBD Emirates A388 D09 @Captainshayan
MMMX Interjet A320 D10
LFTM Turkish B773 D12 @Isacc_Paddy
RJAA ANA B777 Hardstand 01 @Romeostuff24
MMMX Interjet A320 Hardstand 02
MMMX Aeromexico E190 Hardstand 02A
NZAA Air New Zealand B773 Hardstand 03A @QVGVxnsh58
OTHH QATAR A359 Hardstand 04A @Ben2610
Terminal E (2 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KORD United Airlines B739 E01 @Everything_Matthew
KIAD United Airlines B738 E02 @Benslayer12
KSFO United Airlines B772 E04 @jfk_fo
KLAX United Airlines B772 E05 @Captin_Fahey38
SBGR United Airlines B763 E07
KEWR United Airlines B739 E08 @Eugene_Leybovich
KMCO United Airlines B739 E09 @Luom112
KMCO United Airlines B739 E09 @Planeboi19
MSLP United Airlines B739 E10
KSAN United Airlines A320 E11 @Bravo59
KMSY United Airlines B737 E12 @United2
MYNN United Airlines A320 E14 @Cole_Carey
MMGL United Airlines B737 E15 @Enrique_Fernandez
KLAX United Airlines B739 E16 @harmyd
KPHL United Airlines A320 E17 @Zak_Zaitz
EDDF United Airlines B772 E18 @A350iscool
KLAX United Airlines B739 E19 @Bibaho
RJAA United Airlines B772 E20W @anon39682098
KBOS United Airlines B739 E21 @Yankees2509
KFLL United Airlines A320 E22 @CaptDrew
KLGA United Airlines A320 E23 @Liam13
KLAS United Airlines B739 E24 @Thunderbolt
Cargo Aprons (6 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
EDDF Aerologic B77F East Cargo Apron CA01
EDDF Lufthansa Cargo B77F East Cargo Apron CA02 @JerseyAnt
PANC Cathay Pacific Cargo B744 East Cargo Apron CA03
LTBA Turkish Air Cargo B77L East Cargo Apron CA04
KCVG Atlas Air B767 East Cargo Aprol BA01
KSDF UPS MD11 East Cargo Apron BA02
KAFW UPS B752 East Cargo Apron BA03
KMEM FedEx DC10 East Cargo Apron BA04 @simopoint

Gates at KHOU

Central Concourse (17 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KDAL Southwest B737 20
KBNA Southwest B737 21
KMSY Southwest B738 22
KDEN Southwest B737 23
KMDW Southwest B738 24
KLAS Southwest B737 25 @anon42527263
KLAX Southwest B738 26 @Costaricanpilot
KSJC Southwest B737 27 @BigBert10
KTPA Southwest B737 28
KMCO Southwest B738 29
KDFW American Eagle CRJ9 30
KPHX Southwest B738 31
KATL Delta Airlines B712 32
KDEN Southwest B737 40 @Luke_Sta
KPIT Southwest B738 41 @Eddie_D
KLGA Southwest B737 42
KCMH Southwest B737 43
KHRL Southwest B737 44
KDCA Southwest B737 45
KSJC Southwest B738 46 @TranX
KDAL Southwest B738 47
KOAK Southwest B737 48 @CAKnights09
KATL Southwest B738 49
TJSJ Southwest B738 50 @Kevinsoto1502
KIND Southwest B737 51
West Concourse (4 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KBWI Southwest B738 01 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
KMDW Southwest B737 02
MKJS Southwest B737 03
MMSD Southwest B737 04
KBHM Southwest B738 05

More Event Information

  • Pushback’s will be done in groups by terminal/concourse and gate number.
  • You MUST use a SID for your departure to avoid mid air collisions.
  • How to request a gate: 1) Reply with gate number and airport. Or 2) Quote the gate you want.
  • Airport Diagrams:

IAH: https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1912/05461AD.PDF

HOU: https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1912/00198AD.PDF


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Thanks for signing up and I hope to see you there!


Howdy folks! Please use this topic as im unable to edit the other event post. Thanks!


New Signups


I’m so sorry but I can’t come anymore :(

Hi, can I switch to a 777 flight to San Francisco? My current one is a 739 to San Jose. Thanks!

Please sign me up for E16 to KLAX.


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KDEN United Airlines B739 C5. Please and thanks!!


I’ll take E17 to KPHL in the A320. Also how do I do the SID departure?

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Can I take Gate D07?

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Gate C4 to KMIA please


KLAX United Airlines B739 E16

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@GlobalFlyer1, no heavy gates left for UA. I switched you to SFO though.


Hello @Bray, can I sign up for ANA to RJAA - Hardstand gate 1?

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Can I take C7? It’s currently to Honolulu with United, but if you could switch that to San Francisco, that would be great

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777 Gate E5

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KMSY United Airlines B737 E12
This route/gate please
Callsign is UVAL224


Uggh. I would sign up but my subscription runs out the day before

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@GlobalFlyer1 gate switched

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Sign me up for the United to Seattle, on gate C2, please.

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