789 at KDCA

Did you guys know that the Vietnamese government flew a VN 789 into KDCA! So are we allowed to fly private 787s out of KDCA?

image https://i1.wp.com/australianaviation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/VIETNAMAIRLINES_B789_WASHINGTON_JULY6_2015_BOEING_750x420.jpg


Looks like they’re gonna hit the Washington Monument… But no, cool find! I bet they’re flying in for diplomatic reasons.


No not really. I bet this was just a special that will most likely never happen again. You could try on Training Server though (:

That’s unbelievable! I went to the DC area for a day about a month back and stopped at DCA to do some plane watching. An A321N for Alaskan could barely get out.


This is old news.

Not the best thing in the world to do. This was a special circumstance. The airport still has size restrictions in place.


KDCA’s runway 1/19 is about 7,200 feet long, which is plenty of runway for a super lightly loaded 787. Takeoff would be difficult with a full load of fuel, but most likely the aircraft had just enough fuel to get it to a closer airport.

I encourage you to not try this on expert

I denied a 789 attempting to takeoff from KDCA earlier. I realize that he probably could’ve taken off but rather safe than sorry :)

As @Plane-Train-TV said, this was only from IAD if I rember, and I’m sure there was quite a bit of planning. Now in the skies of IF, go for it. Only thing I”d say is not when there is IFATC at DCA or nearby airports…

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