788 over new orleans

first time seeing Boeing 788 / British Airways over new orleans this afternoon. i was thinking it looked like the FDS team doing alpha testing on the real world server. 4619 mile flight from heathrow to louis armstrong here in NOLA. maybe they’re bringing brits here to mardi gras.


by the way… i posted this to IFFG page and it was removed by moderators for whatever reason. over the censorship from the moderators. peace out IFFG ✌🏼#over it.


Hi there - since this post just consists of you finding an aircraft on a flight tracking app, I suggest you post it in the topic I linked above. :)


i didn’t find that category as an option to post to.

Just click the title (Flightradar24 Findings), scroll to the bottom and click the blue “Reply” button. There, you’ll be able to upload your image and share your findings.

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Posted on the other topic, doesn’t need to be in two places:)