787s in KSAN

For iOS users, this is what you see 787-9s like

You just wanna say “CURSE YOU APPLE, CURSE YOU”


Exactly, it’s killing me from the inside


I was so sad today, and tomorrow and until the update is out

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Personally I am happy that Apple reviews apps it ensures that there is a degree of quality before apps get published.


Really, iOS is coming out tomorrow?

I ment I was sad till the update came out to iOS, I guess it will be a few day after this update

Damn iOS.``

I was going through some post and someone said (I may be wrong) 1.56 days, what ever that means (1hour 56 mins maybe, I don’t know 😭😭)

Depressed o keep going to tower to see if o could spot any but none of the android users want to fly :( really can’t wait for the update. I’m tired of seeing all these android users posting pictures of there amazing 787

They are there we just can’t see them until we update😭😭!

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Oh lol I was wondering why I guess it was the unknown planes

Just think, all you iOS users won’t get any of these bugs that were reported.

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