787s for the Short-Haul

We’re all familiar with the amazing 15+ hour flights flown by the 787 Dreamliner. It’s one of my favorite aircraft to fly in Infinite Flight. There are times, however, that I want to fly the 787, but don’t have the available hours for a long-haul flight. Striving for realism, I decided to do a little research on the shortest real-world routes operated by the 787. Here are the top 10 (starting with the shortest):

  1. TUI - Bonaire to Curacao - 74 km/46 mi
  2. Ethiopian - Malabo to Douala - 116 km/72 mi
  3. TUI - Aruba to Curacao - 119 km/74 mi
  4. Qatar - Doha to Bahrain - 146 km/91 mi
  5. Ethiopian - Paris to Brussels - 253 km/157 mi
  6. ANA - Tokyo to Toyama - 261 km/162 mi
  7. ANA - Tokyo to Komatsu - 315 km/196 mi
  8. Qatar - Doha to Dubai - 377 km/234 mi
  9. ANA - Tokyo to Osaka - 402 km/250 mi
  10. Ethiopian - Lusaka to Harare - 402 km/250 mi

The 787 is one of the most versatile aircraft flying today. The fact that it can be successfully utilized on these shorter routes makes it a flexible and valuable asset to the world’s airlines.

(Source: Routesonline)


Thanks now I can do this routes in infinite flight and gain some quick xp while also flying a nice plane

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I agree its a versatile plane,its a nice plane but i’m getting bored with 787…i dunno why actually…

Most of those are shuttles, fill the aircraft up by using a ‘stop-over’. A very common practice where the destinations require a LH jet but the individual destination passenger demand wouldn’t fill it.

Antigua to St Kitts uses a 777, overkill but it fills the jet up out of London.


The B787 doesn’t have anything special, the B77W’s, A330, A340 etc all used to do the 30 minute flight from Doha to Dubai.


Auckland to Christchurch?


Actually that’s 1,076.2 km

Crazy how short these routes are .

1,076 km that’s to much 🤣🤣
EDIT-He’s correct you know it 1,076.2 KM

Edit airport to airprot roughly 700km

Extra 300 km must be by car
/ ferry route

Edit: 747 km wowWow I know this route destiny it deserves 747

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Ethiopian has 787-8 Flights from ESSA-ENGM btw.
1 hour and 5 minutes.

Pakistan has EKCH-ENGM with 777.

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I flew on AAL from LAX to ORD on a 787. It was 3 hours and not as short as some of these but for being in the US it was pretty short

Also, I did this in real life, not Infinite Flight

Doha to dubai is no more

You can also pretend like you are doing a repositioning Flight! United has done a 787-8 from San Francisco to LA which is an hour on a plane at .78.


LAX/SFO-DEN occasionally uses 777-200s and 787-8/9s.

I flew the 1st route it was very short only 20 minutes Gate to Gate

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