787 wingtip misalignment

Here is a screenshot of the wingtip. It is not perfectly aligned with the wing:


Don’t know what you mean, could you also post a rl 787 picture, so we can see the diffrence?

To the left of the flaperon it is slightly out of alignment. I assume that is what he is talking about?

To the left of the aileron, thw wingtip is slightly lower than the wing itself.

About what

Look at the first picture, it is quite obvious, you can see the wingtip lower than the wing

I have that as well, but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s a pretty minor issue on an otherwise flawlessly re-worked aircraft.

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Yes it is a flawless aircraft but at least i have pointed it out!


Thanks for heads up, we are aware of this one. I’ve mentioned it myself not long ago.


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