787 vs 777 power

I dont know If it is just my feeling but I think that the 787 engines are more powerful than those on the 777 in IF ,how is it possible? For example , on 787 i need just about 78% of thrust to maintain fl350 but on 777 i need almost 95% to maintain there . I noticed it since the 777 psychics update.


Well call me crazy but I think the 777 weighs more than the 787


New 777 update is more like a nerf for sure.


Yeah, but the GE90 engines are very powerful so I think the weight doesnt matter here a lot.
Maximum thrust: 265.3–360.4 kN for Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 on the 787
Maximum thrust: max at sea level: 115,300 lbf (514 kN) for GE90-115B on the 777

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The 787s engines aren’t more powerful than a 777s. I’m 90% sure of that.


But it looks they are in IF after the 777 psychics update , I dont get it

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It has to do with aerodynamics requiring less thrust to take off plus you are talking about N1 to thrust ratio. Thrust is lower because the N1 ratio to thrust is lower on the 787 than the 777. You my be getting confused by that.


Listen to this guy


I’ve flown the 787 and 777 for more than 6 hours each at FL380 and there is only a slight difference. Please refer to my previous comment.


But also remember, the 777 is bigger and heavier, thus it requires more powerful engines, and I’m sure that is replicated in IF.


what weight are you at? you may be too heavy for that specific flight level. you may have to do a fake step up climb :p

Agreed thank you. Regardless of engine power (although I think we’ve got to the bottom of that), the aerodynamics of the 787 are impressive. For example, I have noticed that it is significantly harder to lose speed during a very normal descent rate than what I’m used to in other aircraft. Not a problem, just interesting to take note of.

The 787 will inevitably have a more efficient wing with a better lift to drag ratio, due to it being a design about ~13 years more modern.

So if the wing cuts through the air better, less thrust will be needed.

It’s not just engine power. The 787 has far better lift technology, and is far lighter than the 777. It was designed to be a transatlantic aircraft that could fly from low-demand airports, so is in essence meant to sustain high altitudes and sustain fuel.


Thank you for you answers all. This thread can be closed now.

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Quite late for the party but your answer is impressive

It’s obvious it was nerfed.

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