787 update not released on iOS

While this update is released for android, no sign of it on iOS. Anybody have an answer?

As you can see it’s only the Dash 8 update.

Android takes less time to review their updates, that why Android has more bugs. Apple checks every file for viruses etc. which takes more time. It’s normal.

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It takes a while for Apple to approve the updates. Just so there is no bugs or anything

It takes 2 days after the first update on the app market

It’s not the same in other games like Minecraft Pocket Edition

I don’t think the play store reviews updates at all.

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They pay for a fast release most likely.

Wrong. That makes absolutely no sense. The reason why would be that FDS has time to fix them and push updates to Apple app store before they finish “reviewing” it.

OOH, Your first update? :D
The update takes a while until it comes to iOS devices because all updates are reviewed much slowlier and more instensively. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 days, sometimes a week or ten days, we almost even got to two weeks.
Regardless what option from the above it will be, the wait will be long, no worries :P

Oh, gotta go. Dreamliner time.

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Oh ok, so they submit the update to Android first or at the same time as Apple?

this guy has to be trolling, right?

Not actually. When I wasn’t on the IFC I had the Dash 8 update.

To sum everything up Apple has a longer app updating and reviewing policy than Android does.

they most likely submit at the same time but cancel the update on apple if bugs are reported from android


Boy oh boy, does this remind me of the Dash-8…

this is why i should have gotten a Samsung .-.

Oh, but you gotta know then that the iOS users here are almost passing out waiting for the update while Android users allready fly around their beautiful, high-quality, new airplanes :P

Will the release date in the App Store be the same in both Canada and America?

It would be the same time everywhere. It will gradually increase. 1 person might have it and an hour later 100 more people might have it

It takes a bit for Apple to approve the update.