787 trim Percentage

So I’m going to do a flight in the 787 8
Just wondering what trim is the best for take off and landing.


i recommend check out this topic

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I do know the 787 has a nose dive attitude when a low trim

Hey Frank!

Trim usage is dependent on a few factors, such as aircraft load and weather.

Assuming the weather is decent and your aircraft load is similar to any of the following percentages, this chart gives a relatively accurate outline for the 787-8s suggested trim.

Load % Takeoff Power Setting Takeoff Flaps Trim Rotate
25% 75% = 94% N1 Flaps 5 0% 140kts
50% 75% = 94% N1 Flaps 5 0% 150kts
75% 77% = 95% N1 Flaps 5 10% 160kts
>75%*** 80% = 98% N1 Flaps 5 10% 165kts

Courtesy of @Kuba_Jaroszczyk’s and their topic.

Hopefully this helps!


Alright that’s perfect thanks so much guys @Z-Tube and @VibrantPixel 🙏😁

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I’ll drop a personal opinion in here!

For the B787, I’ll use 20-25% for Takeoff, and around 30-40% landing. In the air, I’ll switch it around depending on how the plane is doing, but it’ll hover from 0-10%.

Rember that these are just personal opinions on how I like my trim on the B787.

Hope this helps!!


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