787 Trent 1000 or GEnx

I cannot tell which engines are on this aircraft, can sombody help. This is a photo of the American Airlines livery, 787-9, are they Trent 1000 engines or GEnx? Does it change with liveries?



The engines are the same in the base model per aircraft. GE engine’s are present on the B787 models

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The engines do not change I believe based on the aircraft just the logo on it. AA uses GEnx so it should show with the GE logo on the sides. The only difference you see in game is one has RR on the side for the Trent 1000 and the other would show as GE logo


sorry this is kinda off topic but look how beautifully detailed they are 😻


Yes they are and that’s a picture of a picture, also, I dont see the GE logo or the Rolls Royce logo, but @Balloonchaser & @anon2063420 you can confirm that the engines will “change” based on the livery?

It’s a base model. IRL, airlines have the option but on IF - it remains the same engine type

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And there GEnx’s?

It’s basically impossible to visually distinguish the Trent 1000 and GEnx from each other, the only way you’d be able to tell is by the manufacturer’s logo (American doesn’t put GE’s logo on their GEnxs for some reason).
Don’t take my word for it but i’d say the exterior of the the 2 engines are exactly the same.

The B787’s do have RR logos if they have those engines

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And if they dont there GE? IN RL American opted for full GE’s do to RR issues

I’m referring to real life, I haven’t checked all the aircraft that I know have the RR engines onIF as I personally don’t care much but you could check Virgin, ANA etc. In real life though it’s posisble to have them removed I bet

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No, there are GEnx engines with the GE logo, it’s just that American decided not to put it.

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@JT_Playz and American Airlines livery? Has neither logo…

American uses GE

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Thanks the reason for my asking is though we all.love Rolls Royce, there engines have caused so many issues in recent years.

I dont even want to fly there engines on the simulator.

It seems like a lot of them don’t have engine manufacturer logo’s at all. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal though…

I just posted why it’s a big deal, let me.be more.blunt: Rolls Royce sucks.

So is it a rant or is it a question?

It’s a question and comments like “it doesnt bother me” and “I dont see why it’s a big deal” are irrelevant to that question.

Please PM me if you have anything else off topic to say.