787 takeoff n1%

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Was wondering if anyone had a table with different n1% percentages for different takeoff weights as I can’t seem to find one anywhere in the Internet.

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I found my older topic, shows that the takeoff speed on the 787 is about 140-170kts. You may check out my topic or check out the YouTube video that shows the 787 takeoff tutorial. This Video also includes throttle percentage.

Beware that this is an old topic. I am working on creating a new topic for every aircraft. But not sure when I will finish it.

This video has one n1% for one weight. I am basically looking for something which tells me an n1% for every weight eg.

140t-144t = 88% etc.

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In my opinion, the best N1 is what ever gets you off the ground in under 45 seconds. Considering that we don’t have a button for TOGA (take off/go around) power this is probably the closest you can get. I’m not 100% sure though.

No. You need an n1% which can get you off the runway safely depending on weather conditions and which can hold you at v2+15 without pitching over 18 degrees (depending on the aircraft)
And yes, that’s why I need reference points

This isn’t going to really answer your question, but In my opinion, the 787 has a very slow climb in IF so I would opt for a little higher speed during takeoff

i don’t think infinite flight is realistic enough to be able to implement real world performance calculations. i would suggest maybe give about 93% N1 to accelerate to V2 then at 1500ft AGL accelerate to climb speed and you’ll get a N1 to maintain that speed to whatever ROC you want. not sure if i was any help!

No N1’s


It absolutely is realistic enough physics wise to do such. Flying by the numbers I just posted-particularly the Vref speeds will give you correct pitch angle on a 3° Glide slope. I’ve tested charts for almost all the “new” model aircraft and they work like a charm. Particularly the A32X series performance numbers, MD11/DC10 numbers and the above 787-9 numbers.

Thanks. Do you know if in if temperature effects the thrust. Because that either positively or negatively effects thrust.

I’m not 100% sure I believe it DOES. For example-the temp/density altitude stuff DEFINITELY affects things like climbing, Mach changeover speeds etc. So it would make sense that it would-but I cant tell you that I’ve seen an example of it yet. The basis for using the numbers I posted come from the wing shape. Laura has crafted the wings so well that the planes will behave just as they would in real life if you follow the guidelines for setting your Vapp (approach speed) from the Vref charts.

For instance:
An A32X series aircraft at proper Vapp will descend on a 3° glide slope at 2°-2.5° pitch/body angle. This works a charm in IF. The Boeing’s on the other hand have a more flat deck angle on approach-more like 1-2° pitch.

The MD11/DC10 at Vapp calculated with the available charts will have a 3.5-5° pitch/deck angle.

Ahh that’s very interesting. They sure have done a good job! I just wasn’t certain they’d put in the effect temp has on thrust that’s why I questioned you :) those figures would give a very good rough thrust setting even if the sim only used isa temperature

The thing is, that’s a pretty big range.


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